Our history and our experiences.

Fanar Realty has been working in public services since 2000 and entered the Turkish market in August 2012 when Fanar Realty Insurance and Residency Services opened to be the first service and consulting company in several areas of interest to Arabs in Turkey. Shortly after its launch, Fanar Realty took a leading position in Turkey, due to its previous experience, the multiplicity of its service areas, and its reliance on the principle of customer satisfaction and gaining their trust. One of Fanar's branches offers between 7,000 and 10,000 monthly health insurance services, reflecting customer confidence in them. Fanar has now expanded to own several branches of health insurance, residences and real estate, and is looking forward to providing the full services that foreigners are required in Turkey

Vision and Mission

Maintaining our position as the best choice for real estate customers and investors, developing our services in line with this vision, obtaining positive responses from our customers permanently and continuously, and developing more branches and companies in Istanbul and other Turkish states to reach the title of "The first company in real estate consulting and marketing in Turkey" We look forward to serving our customers and doing our duty to them in the most professional and honest way, and the commitment to give them the highest levels of service, by providing reliable real estate consultancy, and ensuring that the expertise of the staff working at Fanar Realty company continues to be developed and nurtured to the benefit of them, the company and customers.

our Values

  • 1 Integrity and transparency Integrity and transparency in all our services
  • 2 Reliability and honesty Reliability and honesty in all our services
  • 3 Keep confidential Keep our customers' data confidential
  • 4 Excellence services Excellence in providing our services and consultations
  • 5 Responsibility and seriousness Responsibility and seriousness in the finer details of our relations