Advantages of buying an apartment in Bağcılar Istanbul

Bağcılar is one of the central neighborhoods in European Istanbul and is famous for its wide square that is rich in life and activity. It is an essential corridor of the Basin Express Road, one of the most important vital areas in European Istanbul, which is witnessing the largest urban revolution in the city

The region includes a large number of industrial and economic facilities, and various factories. It is also characterized by an abundance of job opportunities and the popularity of the idea of ​​establishing companies and commercial projects in it. This is helped by the presence of a large number of Arab and foreign communities who prefer to live in Bağcılar.

It is also a well-served area with transportation, with a metro line, and a variety of government, recreational, health and educational facilities.

Apartments for sale in Bağcılar, Istanbul

Life in Bağcılar is very special, where all the necessities of safe living are available, in an area close to the center of Istanbul, in the midst of the largest vital projects in Istanbul, and next to the most important shopping malls.

In addition, the area is famous for the presence of a number of large residential complexes with great features, which provide multiple social and recreational services and are a preferred option for residence and stability for families.