Advantages of buying an apartment in Başakşehir, Istanbul

  • Başakşehir is one of the most vital areas in European Istanbul, and is the first ideal choice for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul in front of families of different Arab nationalities

  • There is Ibn Khaldun University, one of the Turkish universities available to study in both Arabic and English, and the region is awaiting the opening of several other Turkish universities, including a large public university.

  • The area includes the medical city in Başakşehir, which is considered one of the largest hospitals in Europe, and has the largest garden in Turkey, and the famous Basaksehir Square, which is currently being prepared for its construction, is one of the largest vital squares in the state, which is believed to compete with "Taksim Square" in its vitality.

  • The municipality of Başakşehir pays great attention to the modern transportation lines in the region, especially the metro, and organized plans are underway to extend the region with an interconnected network of transportation that makes life easier and provides a comfortable environment for transportation from other regions to Başakşehir and vice versa.

  • Among the most prominent features of the strength of the infrastructure in the city of Başakşehir: the sports stadium, or what is known as the “Olympic”, which is the largest stadium in Turkey

  • These qualities combined make the Başakşehir district in Istanbul a very suitable option for families to live, due to the availability of all the necessities of an integrated life. 


Apartments for sale in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul

Başakşehir in Istanbul is a region rich in luxury residential complexes, which overlook the city or the wide green spaces that characterize the region, especially its green valleys.

The region's richness in shopping malls, recreational facilities, government institutions, and major banks, all encourage the choice of the Basaksehir area for housing or investment, and make the apartments in it one of the most popular Istanbul apartments for purchase by real estate investors.