Advantages of buying an apartment in Beykoz Istanbul

The distinctive and preferred area for lovers of charming nature, and is characterized by its forests and green spaces, in which the Beykoz Forest is one of the most famous and largest forests in Istanbul, in addition to a number of rivers and lakes, and has areas designated for fishing, and there is a nature reserve in Beykoz Istanbul

The region has distinct elements for tourism. In addition to the attractive landscape, the region includes many archaeological areas dating back to the Ottoman era

The area also contains the finest restaurants, cafes and hotels in Istanbul, and the "Polish Village" is one of the most important tourist destinations in the city. In terms of services, the area is largely served by modern hospitals, schools and vital projects.

Apartments for sale in the Beykoz district of Istanbul

Living in Beykoz is a unique idea and maintains a pure image of the beauty of nature and a happy life in the midst of beautiful scenery and close to the wonderful tourist areas.

In the Beykoz complexes, there are many amazing advantages, suitable for housing and investment in the hotel and tourist apartments sectors, and in general, Beykoz is a promising and encouraging area for investment.