Some people think that Beylikduzu, with its European design, is almost devoid of real estate diversity and contains only one or two types of apartments for sale. Of course, this is not accurate, because Beylikdüzü is considered one of the richest areas of Istanbul with real estate options that amaze the minds and steal the hearts.

Let us introduce to you some of

Beylikduzu Apartments for sale

most prominent of these options: Residential complex apartments

  • Residential Complexes

    This district includes a list of the most beautiful residential complexes that have a lot of advantages:

    -Attractive engineering design and build quality

    -Views of the sea, city, or greenery

     -Varied and convenient apartment types

    -Important social services such as security, protection, shopping, and parking.

    -Recreational services such as playgrounds, swimming pools, and sports clubs.

    -Many Residential complexes of the Beylikduzu includes a smart home system

    -The compounds in Beylikdüzü provide its residents with distinctive comfort and luxury, very high investment value.

    Back-street neighborhood apartments

    which are apartments located outside the residential complexes, and they lack many of the services and advantages mentioned in the previous paragraph, but they remain the option available to low-income people and those who do not have the ability to own property in luxury complexes.

     In general, Beylikduzu is considered one of the distinguished urban areas, so you rarely find an old building, even outside the apartment complexes, so it is not a bad thing to have an apartment for sale in Beylikduzu even if it was not in the compounds.

    Studio apartments in Istanbul

    These apartments are a golden option for young people and students, and there are many Studio apartments for sale in Beylikduzu it is considered attractive for those looking for independent housing.

     It is also an acceptable option for those who want to invest in Beylikduzu real estate with a relatively low amount of money, usually, these apartments are offered as Furnished - studio apartments for rent in İstanbul, which makes their monthly returns rather high.

    Home Office Apartments

    These are apartments that are suitable for both work and housing, and many benefit from the importance of Beylikduzu for small projects and simple service offices to start from a Home Office apartment that meets this demand.

    owning a home office in Beylikduzu good idea for a lot of young people how to wish to live independently and for small families who start small businesses as well, so that a person can have a home and an office at the same time

    Duplex apartment

    It is a suitable option for large families, and the desire for it has increased with the increasing demand to live in Beylikduzu,

     "Duplexes" or "penthouses" are achieving big sales in the region and are considered very popular in Beylikduzu, because it is considered the middle choice between the medium or large apartments that do not accommodate a family of 6 members or more, and the expensive villas, therefore the Duplex apartment provides the good accommodation for big families at a lower price.

    apartments Hotels and tourist

    which are serviced apartments prepared with a hotel accommodation system suitable for tourists and residents for short periods, and you can find this type of apartments either in a residential complex or in a hotel that provided the hotel apartments system to be sold, and this idea is an excellent investment because the Beylikdüzü area is very attractive to tourists all year round.

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    Beylikdüzü Prices of Apartments for Sale

    The price of apartments in Beylikduzu is differed according to their type, residential or not? size and location, but in general, you can build a preliminary picture of Beylikduzu Apartments for sale prices

    therefrom the following table:

    Apartment type

    square meters"

    Minimum prices

    Average prices

    Studio apartment "50

    300,000 TL

    530000 TL

    Apartment outside the residential complexes

    "100 square meters"

    425,000 TL

    600,000 TL

    Apartment in a residential complex "100 square meters"

    640000 TL

    800,000 TL

    Duplex apartment "275 square meters"

    1500000 TL

    3000000 TL


    apartments for sale in Beylikduzu Istanbul

    The prices offered for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu may shock you, but this area is among the cheapest areas of Istanbul.

    if you look for apartments for sale in Istanbul similar to that In Beylikduzu with the same features and investment value, in addition to phosphorus view, will find out that Beylikdüzü Apartment for Sale Prices is about 30 to 60% cheaper than the apartments in Istanbul center, with all the facilities and services are available.

     as for limited budget people they can find their request in the backstreet's neighborhoods of Beylikdüzü or far from the center of the region, especially from Metrobus stations and major shopping malls.

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    Buy a house on installments in Beylikduzu

    In Beylikdüzü, you find special offers for apartments available for sale in installments, where the first payment usually ranges between 40 to 50% of the total general price. The monthly installment payment period ranges between 12 to 36 months, and many Turkish construction companies offer excellent options and apartments for sale in Beylikduzu in comfortable installments.

    The idea of ​​owning in installments is one of the most important golden options for obtaining a property at a low price, and a large part of the installments can be paid through investing or renting the apartment, and if the lease is in the form of a furnished apartment, we are talking here about a monthly return of at least 6000 Turkish liras. The lowest expectations are a relatively good amount for real estate investors.

    Advantages of buying a property in Beylikduzu

    The following are the most important advantages of this district, which are positively reflected on the idea of ​​searching for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu and increasing people's desire to live and invest in it:

    -Beylikduzu is considered one of the most promising investment areas in the European section of Istanbul, and it is considered an attractive option for foreigners, especially families.

    -Beylikdüzü area is distinguished by its wonderful design, and it has received great government attention, to appear as one of the finest, quiet, safe, and serviced areas with the best social and recreational services.

    -The area contains Beykent University and a number of Arab and international schools, which provide a comfortable environment families to live in, where education is one of the most important goals of families staying in Beylikdüzü.

    -Beylikduzu Istanbul has a list of the most prestigious public and private hospitals and important health centers.

    -In terms of transportation, the Metrobus line, one of the most important modern transportation lines in Istanbul, passes through the region, and even in the whole of Turkey. This line provides a fast reach to Beylikduzu from the center of Istanbul and the major tourist areas.

    -Also, in Beylikduzu there is the exhibition city "Tuyap" and the largest marine coast, and a number of commercial and shopping malls, the most famous of which is "Marmara Park".

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     Beylikdüzü in Istanbul is a preferred area for construction companies to construct the finest residential complexes that enjoy charming views of the sea, green spaces, and views of the city. Therefore, in this article, we introduced you to all the details of the search for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, to obtain our services and benefit from our real estate experience, please contact us.