Advantages of buying an apartment in Güneşli Istanbul

Güneşli district administratively belongs to the central district of Bagcilar, and is considered one of the vital areas witnessing an urban renaissance and plans for urban transformation, as several modern housing complexes were built in it during the past short period, and it has become one of the preferred areas for housing due to the urban development in it.

Gunesli Istanbul is characterized by a strong infrastructure. It contains Güneşli Governmental Hospital, which is one of the newest hospitals in Istanbul, and has a number of schools in various educational levels, and it is an area that has a dense and interconnected transportation network.

Apartments for sale in Güneşli district of Istanbul

Due to Gunesli's proximity to the largest markets in Istanbul and the important industrial and economic areas, the area is considered preferred for housing, especially for families, and the modernity of its residential complexes and the presence of commercial and office complexes greatly facilitated the idea of ​​working and living in Gunesli.