Advantages of buying an apartment in Güngören Istanbul

 The Güngören district is located in the center of European Istanbul, and it is of great importance among the Istanbul neighborhoods due to its wonderful residential features, abundance of job opportunities, its proximity to industrial areas, and it is considered one of the densely populated areas.

The tramway line, one of the most important transportation in Istanbul, passes through the area, and it has a number of popular markets and malls, in addition to the presence of Arab and international schools near the area, in addition to many recreational, service and social facilities.

Apartments for sale in Güngören district of Istanbul

 Housing in the Güngören area is considered a suitable option for Arab families, especially those with low or middle incomes, and although the area is already suitable for the middle classes of society, it has suitable options for the rich and those looking for apartments near the labor market and important industrial areas.

Istanbul complexes in Gungoran are distinguished by their distinctive urban design and city views. They also have a high investment value due to the services provided in them, in addition to the vital renaissance that Gungoran enjoys.