Advantages of buying an apartment in Kadikoy Istanbul

Close to the Bosphorus from the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadıköy is one of the most vital and distinguished investment areas, as it contains many strong infrastructure projects, and is characterized by a dense and interconnected transportation network.

Kadıköy hotels are among the most famous hotels in Istanbul and the most upscale and services, which increases the vitality of the region and its tourist importance, and the shopping experience in it is one of the most enjoyable experiences, between Kadıköy markets and its large commercial malls, and vital areas designated for entertainment, one of the most famous landmarks of the region is "Baghdad Street". Which is parallel to the importance of Istiklal Street, and is also characterized by a unique historical and tourist importance.

Apartments for sale in Kadikoy, Istanbul

Buying an apartment in Kadıköy is a suitable idea for Arab families, as all vital, service and recreational facilities are available in the area that facilitate families’ lives in safety and comfort, in addition to the nature of the neighborhood that helps Arabs and foreigners adapt to the ocean.

In Kadıköy, there are several modern residential complexes that are a milestone in the real estate world in Istanbul, and they are distinguished by their wonderful services that increase the attractiveness of foreign investors towards them.