Advantages of owning real estate in Silivri

The Silivri district was credited with proving that the rural areas of Istanbul are no less important than the city centers and the vital areas in them. On the contrary, it may be surpassed by many of the advantages that those looking for residential real estate prefer for their families away from the noisy city life.

The area includes a number of health centers, schools, government, service, and recreational facilities. It is close to the Marmara coast, and the area is promised that the Metrobus line will approach it in the future, which means that it is good for long-term investment in its real estate.


Buy an apartment in Silivri Istanbul

Real estate prices in Silivri are much lower than the average real estate prices in Istanbul, and the area is characterized by being a coastal countryside, which makes it preferred for families looking for comfort and stability in an atmosphere of calm and safety away from the noise of cities.

The idea of living in Silivri is one of the most important ideas for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially in the European part of the city