Advantages of owning apartments in Tuzla

It is the distinctive rural area in the Asian part of Istanbul, which grabs the hearts of visitors by the beauty of its nature, and the amount of comfort you experience as you move between its regions, and smell its fresh air, and enjoy psychological comfort and distance from the noise and hustle, all in a visit...

What would you say if you had an apartment in Tuzla?

The area includes a number of hospitals, schools, governmental, service, and recreational facilities, such as theaters, playgrounds, swimming pools, and many commercial malls and shopping centers, which makes life in it enjoyable and modern and does not differ from life in the city centers, except in the advantage of calm and comfort that city centers lack.


Buying an apartment in Tuzla Istanbul

The Tuzla area is suitable for family housing and tourism investment, and the search for a property to live in or to invest in is simple because of modern urban projects, and the prices of real estate there are good and acceptable.

The idea of living in Tuzla is one of the most important ideas for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially in the Asian part of the city