Advantages of buying an apartment in Umraniye Istanbul

It is one of the largest neighborhoods in the Asian section of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful, and one of the most vibrant. It has gained special importance for the passage of the TEM highway near the area, and this road represents one of the main nerves of life in Istanbul on the European and Asian sides.

Umraniye is also connected to several distinct tourist areas, and modern transportation has helped speed and ease access to the area, as the area includes many land and sea stations to cover all the required transfers to and from urban areas from most of Istanbul's neighborhoods.

What distinguishes Umraniye as well is the presence of the "Istanbul International Financial Center" project, which is one of the largest economic projects in the city, and this center in particular is a major attraction for real estate and commercial investments in the Umraniye neighborhood of Istanbul.

Apartments for sale in an urban area of ​​Istanbul

The region attracts large numbers of foreign investors, especially during the past short period. Umraniye is classified as one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Istanbul with urban growth and population growth, and the region has been able to go a long way in the field of "urbanization" and urban development.

The residential complexes in Umraniye are one of the newest complexes in Istanbul, and the most attractive to foreigners, due to the ease of adapting to the surroundings in the area, and the abundance of job opportunities, markets and services