Advantages of buying an apartment in Zeytinburnu Istanbul

Zeytinburnu is experiencing a great urban renaissance and vitality, as it is considered the transportation node in European Istanbul, and its transportation helps to quickly reach the region and the intensity of its connection with other regions, as both rapid transportation lines pass through it: metrobus, tramway, metro, and a marine metro as well.

Zeytinburnu is distinguished by its ancient historical monuments, its proximity to the sea, in addition to many governmental, service and recreational facilities. The government takes great care of the region and contributes to the establishment of several major vital projects in the region.


Apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul

The idea of living in Zeytinburnu in Istanbul is one of the successful investment ideas due to the economic importance of the area, its proximity to major markets and the presence of a number of well-known commercial malls, and the fact that it is heavily served by modern transportation in addition to the touristic position that the region enjoys.