Advantages of owning real estate in Uskudar

Üsküdar Istanbul is one of the most beautiful natural areas on the Asian side of the city. It is characterized by its large area and proximity to the coast, and the presence of many attractive natural advantages, in addition to the economic recovery experienced by the region, and the increasing government interest in it.

The area includes a number of hospitals, universities, schools, government, service and entertainment facilities, many tourist areas, shopping centers, and malls, and it is well served by transportation


Buying an apartment in Uskudar Istanbul

When you think of buying a property or an apartment in Uskudar, you are on a date with the most beautiful real estate options that suit housing and investment, as well as the requirements of Arab families, where there are many modern real estate projects that provide high-quality investment and housing services and benefits.

The idea of housing in Üsküdar is one of the most important ideas for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially in the European part of the city