The search for apartments for sale in Kogali Turkey today is considered a good investment idea, due to the increasing importance of the vital and touristic area, and its location near Istanbul with a clear government interest in terms of developing infrastructure and significantly improving life opportunities in Kocaeli.


Apartments for sale in Kocaeli Turkey - special opportunities

Kocaeli State is one of the Turkish states known for its tourist sites and scenic landscapes, with an area of ​​more than 3,600 square kilometers.

 Kocaeli is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, Istanbul is located on its western side.

It is bordered to the north by the Black Sea, while it is bordered by Sakarya to the east, Bursa to the south, and Yalova to the southwest.

The city is adjacent to the Black Sea and close to the Sea of ​​Marmara, so it has a climate and atmosphere completely similar to Istanbul's, and its natural areas are no less important than the natural areas in Istanbul.


Therefore, it is characterized by a strategic location in the middle of several vital and tourist cities, and it is considered a daily corridor for hundreds of tourist trips, and investment opportunities have greatly increased during the last period.

The construction movement has increased significantly during the past five years, and Turkish construction companies have directed towards the construction of many residential complexes with service and recreational advantages, and with investment value, so that the demand for apartments for sale in Kocaeli has turned into one of the most sought-after requests in the real estate market in Turkey.


The vital value of Kocaeli homes is expected to rise, as it is at the level of homes in Turkey that it is considered one of the most comfortable options for housing in terms of a quiet location and available transportation, in addition to the job opportunities and vital recovery accompanying several development and vital projects emerging in the region.


Properties for sale in Kocaeli - City Infrastructure

What increases the importance of real estate ownership in Kogali is the strong infrastructure of the city, the most important features of which are the following:

Tourist places in Kocaeli, Turkey

Among the most important tourist areas in Kocaeli:

• The village of Maasukiye, "which is one of the most important tourist villages in Turkey"

• Ski Center in Kartepe

• Yenikoy Tourist Resort

• The clock tower in the city of Izmit

• Faruk Yalcin Garden

• Mimar Sinan Bridge

• Kocaeli Museum

• Othman Hamdi Bey Museum in the city of Gebze


Near these areas, you can search for apartments for sale in Kocaeli for hotel or tourist investment, especially in the city of "Izmit", as it is the center of Kocaeli state.