Apartments for sale in Antalya

If you want to search for apartments for sale in Antalya, in this article we will provide you with comprehensive information and details, specifications of luxury and cheap apartments, overlooking the sea, with reference to the most important areas in which you can own apartments and invest.

In this article, we have prepared all the information you need to be ready to buy an apartment in Antalya or invest in it in a safe and profitable manner without any obstacles you may face

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Types of apartments for sale in Antalya

You can choose the apartment you are looking for according to the many advantages that the state and its vital areas provide, and below you can learn about the most important types of apartments in Antalya

Apartments for sale in Antalya overlooking the sea

This attractive tourist state is located on the slopes of the Mediterranean, which has given the apartments a sea view in many areas overlooking or close to the sea.

Among the most important areas adjacent to the sea in the city:

  • Konyaaltı

  • Mermerli

  • Örnekköy

  • Lara

  • Inciraltı

  • Olimpos 

  • Adrasan

  • Damlatas

  • Kiriş

  • Evrenseki

The apartments overlooking the sea are important for those coming to Antalya for the purpose of entertainment, tourism, and spending fun times. It provides them with two important advantages:

  • The first advantage: Its proximity to beaches, recreational and tourist places

  • The second is the charming sea view that relaxes the eyes and nerves and provides an atmosphere of intimacy and happiness

Apartments overlooking the sea are not only a prize for tourists but also if you want to live, your search for apartments for sale in Antalya overlooking the sea or close to it is very important and provides you with a lot of comfort, reassurance and psychological stability.

Luxury apartments in Antalya

In addition to the sea view, the luxury apartments are one of the advantages of the apartments in this area because of their tourist importance and that they are a destination for many businessmen, wealthy and famous people, who always want to obtain ideal housing advantages, so they turn to apartments with high luxury and excellent quality.

The two areas that combine beauty, tourism importance, and proximity to the sea, with luxury in housing, are:

  • Konyaalti

  • lara

Most of those who think about real estate investment in Antalya go towards these two areas, and choose high-quality apartments, especially if the investment is in hotel apartments, and the reason is as it is known that the majority of the beneficiaries of your apartment or those wishing to live in it are from the high-end classes, businessmen and high-income people, and therefore They should find in your apartment the luxury they are looking for in order to rent it.

Cheap apartments for sale in Antalya

It is believed that this city is only suitable for the rich, but there is an exception for every rule. You can live in Antalya and invest in cheap apartments in several neighborhoods, the most famous of which are:

  • Korkuteli

  • Kepez

  • Döşemealtı

  • Serik

Of course, if you want to search for cheap or affordable apartments for sale in Antalya, you must give up some other advantages such as proximity to the city center or transportation, but in general life in Antalya is good and in any of its beautiful neighborhoods you can live and practice your work and life in a natural way.

Apartments prices in Antalya

Let us now move from the idea of ​​general talk to speaking in the language of numbers, as it is the most obvious language when it comes to real estate, where the concept of the price of an apartment in Antalya is the most important point when thinking about buying it.

As usual in Fanar Realty, we do not go over important topics such as prices, but we detail them carefully and investigate the most accurate and latest statistics to inform you about them, and this is what you will find in the following paragraphs and tables:

Report of Antalya apartments prices in general

1. As for or the price per square meter, it ranges between 3250 and 5500 TL for apartments outside the residential complexes, and the price per square meter ranges between 4500 to 7000 TL in the residential complexes.

2. The number of years to recover real estate capital is estimated at about 19 years

3. The increase in the prices of Antalya apartments is estimated at 3.32%.

That is, if you want to buy an apartment in Antalya with an area of ​​100 square meters, you have the following two cases:

If the apartment is in an apartment complex

The average price of an apartment at the time of purchase

600000 TL

Average monthly rent for an apartment

2600 TL

Total monthly rents for a full year

31200 TL

The average price of an apartment after a year



If the apartment is outside the residential complexes

The average price of an apartment at the time of purchase

400000 TL


Average monthly rent for an apartment


1750 TL

Total monthly rents for a full year

21000 TL 

The average price of an apartment after a year

415000 TL


Apartments prices in the most important neighborhoods


Average price per square meter

Capital turnover rate 

Apartment price increase in 3 years


13000 TL

30 years



8200 TL

21 years



7300 TL

23 years




4500 TL

22 years


Apartment rentals in these neighborhoods


The average rent of an apartment of 100 square meters


3650 TL 


3250 TL


2650 TL


2000 TL


Why do I look for apartments for sale in Antalya?

If you ask yourself about the reasons that might push you to search for an apartment for ownership in the Turkish state of Antalya, you will find in front of you many important and positive points that you will gain from this step:

  • Attractive coastal city

This city is considered the capital of tourism in Turkey, as it enjoys its attractive temperate climate, charming nature, and multiple beaches, overlooking the Mediterranean coast, southwest of the country.

The state is in the middle of 6 important Turkish states and is about 700 km from Istanbul for the car track. As for the flight path, the distance is only 481 km.

Antalya has a very long list of natural and archaeological tourist places, and its beaches have won international awards from many tourism organizations, especially with regard to beach cleanliness, the multiplicity of recreational activities, and comprehensive health care for foreigners.

The city also enjoys the presence of the most luxurious tourist hotels on its lands, which provides comfort and tranquility to its visitors, and in general, this state is vibrant throughout the year due to a large number of tourists and visitors.

  • The cost of living is moderate

The daily cost of living in Antalya was rated as 10 to 14% cheaper than in Istanbul, and 42 to 44% cheaper than living costs in London

Here are the top rankings for prices, according to a report by Numbeo:


The rate








Cost of living



Property price to income ratio






With these encouraging indicators, it becomes clear that life in a city of this beauty and distinctive evaluation is the main goal for many foreigners and those looking for apartments for sale, whether for housing or investment.

In general, it has been noted the development of the city and the desire of people to live in it, and the opening of investment projects, especially in the field of real estate and owning apartments since 1980. The city is suitable for trade, tourism, agriculture, and various service projects

  • The strength of its infrastructure and services

Antalya has one of the strongest infrastructures in Turkey, and here we highlight the most important ones:


The most famous transportation in the province is the tram, which is an electric train with a special railway, passing through streets and residential neighborhoods, and the city includes two lines of this type: the first is an old historical tram that passes through the tourist and archaeological areas, and the second is a new tram that passes from the central and vital areas.

Regular means of transportation are also available, such as large government buses, or mini buses known as "dolmus", which connect neighborhoods and regions to each other.

There are also private buses that connect between the airport and several central and important neighborhoods

Health and Hospitals

The state includes 67 health and medical institutions, including 37 government hospitals, 16 private hospitals, a university hospital, and a large number of various clinics and health centers that provide full comprehensive medical services.

Antalya Education and Research Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Turkey and has about 1,000 beds. The city is also famous for having an advanced center for oral and dental health.

In general, medical tourism is active in the state and is considered one of the most preferred destinations for patients and those coming to Turkey for treatment or medical sessions in various fields such as cosmetology, hair and dental transplantation, delicate surgeries, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and others.

Education, universities, and schools

The three most popular universities in the province are:

  • Antalya Belem University

  • Antalya Akif University

  • Akdeniz Medical University

It has a large number of public and private schools, kindergartens, educational centers for languages, handicrafts, and other various educational fields

Recreational facilities

The area is characterized by its beautiful nature, as we mentioned, as it has forests, gardens, lakes, waterfalls, and various nature reserves, which are preferred areas for visiting, recreation, and spending enjoyable times.

The city's beaches also include many facilities for play and entertainment, especially marine and summer games for the annual tourism season.

Markets and malls

Antalya province is considered one of the areas suitable for shopping, and the markets vary between the popular, the archaeological, and the modern ones represented by modern malls with integrated services.

Among the city's most famous markets:

  • The bazaar, which is the main market in it

  • Laura Street, which includes an important popular market

  • Eskil Market

  • Saturday Bazaar, open every Saturday in Lara district

  • Kaleici Market

  • Hardian Gate

  • Karsi Bazaar

The last three markets are considered archaeological markets in the state and have attractive advantages for tourists in terms of the historical landscape that tells the nobility of the region and the aesthetics of its heritage.

Among the most famous malls:

  • Ozdlik Park

  • Terra City

  • Mark Mull

  • Aguara Mall

  • Antalium Premium

These modern malls provide a distinct pleasure for shopping, as well as the most luxurious brands of various Turkish and international goods

  • Diversity of apartment options

What increases the beauty of this state is the availability of most apartment options in it, where you can find each of the following types:

  • Family apartments

  • Youth apartments

  • Complex apartments

  • Home Office Apartments

  • Studio apartments

  • Duplex apartments

  • Hotel Apartments

  • Furnished tourist apartments

Any of the apartment options are available in Antalya with attractive specifications, especially as it is a distinct tourist city and has a population density of local residents, visitors, and tourists throughout the year.


We at Fanar Realty have prepared this comprehensive report for you to be a sufficient guide in which you will know all the details of housing in Antalya or search for apartments for sale in it, attached with the report the latest accurate real estate statistics. We hope that we have answered with this article all the questions and inquiries that revolve in your mind about buying an apartment in Antalya.