When we talk about apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, our conversation includes many aspects, as this city offers many diverse options. If you are interested in living in the Asian section of the governor of Istanbul, you must see this article to know how to choose your apartment there.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side - get to know them

The Asian side of Istanbul, or the so-called Anatolian side, is the eastern part of it, meaning it is east of the Bosphorus

This part is quieter and more stable than the European part, in which you can find luxurious and distinctive facilities such as commercial buildings, towers, and resorts, in addition to the picturesque nature and archaeological and historical sites. The Asian side is inhabited by 4.4 million people, i.e. ⅓ of the population of the state of Istanbul, of whom about 1.3 million people move daily towards the European side.

Meaning that many residents of Asian Istanbul do not prevent their work in Europe from living there

The most important areas of the Asian section of Istanbul

Kadikoy district,

which is the main nerve in the Asian side of Istanbul and includes a mixture of traditional and modern buildings, but it can be said that the apartments in this area are more modern than any area on the Asian side and this area also enjoys its vibrant atmosphere and historical impressions as it is an important center for transportation, shopping, cultural events and the arts It also has many cafés, bars, and restaurants along the beachfront. This area is considered the most area in which there are apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side


It is one of the most important areas on the Asian side and includes a wide range of apartments overlooking the beautiful shore of the Great Bosphorus with good investment potential, making it one of the famous places to buy real estate. It is also characterized by tourist and archaeological places, ancient mosques, and artistic fountains, which attract many tourists.


Beykoz is another area located on the outskirts of the Bosphorus. It has excellent green space with a charming view of the coastline, where life seems calm and safe. It is also close to the well-known Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and is full of restaurants, cafes, and offices. For those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, with distinctive rural specifications, Beykoz is the best destination for them.


Maltepe is considered one of the important and modern places on the Asian side overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is 26 km from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. It is also very popular in the field of investment and enjoys the presence of high-end places, shopping centers, family entertainment institutions, excellent transportation systems, as well as coastal resorts where you can relax on the seaside.


It is considered one of the areas rich in green forests, so if you like to be close to nature, it is the right place for you to buy an apartment where you can relax, go hiking and enjoy the scenery, and it is secured by a good transportation system that connects you quickly to the beach to enjoy swimming whenever you want. If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, at affordable and acceptable prices, then this area is a good option for you.


Advantages of living on the Asian side of Istanbul

Let us know what advantages we can get when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, with the aim of settling in.

Here we present some of these advantages: 

  • The Asian side is more calm and safe, as well as places for relaxation and comfort. 

  • It is known that the prices of apartments on the Asian side are cheaper, which makes it the best option for buying and investing.

  • For beach lovers, the Asian side has plenty of options, from apartments overlooking the sea to a diverse chain of restaurants and bars with plenty of water sports and activities.

  • If you are a fan of forests and green areas or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can find what you need also in the Asian side.

  • The Asian side is characterized by large and varied shopping centers with low prices.

  • The transportation system on the Asian side is fun as you can use ferries as a means of transportation in addition to the Marmaray train and the bus system is elegant and distinctive and they are all cheap.

  • The Asian side is full of archaeological sites, including churches, ancient mosques, and luxurious Ottoman houses that we used to see in Turkish series.

Advantages of investing in apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side 

The tourism, economic and natural factors on the Asian side in Istanbul make it the most suitable place for investment, especially from foreign investors, and therefore many advantages, including:

  • There are many facilities and incentives provided by the Turkish government that encourage investment, especially foreigners, specifically in the real estate sector.

  • Most of the investment projects are located near the Bosphorus, which gives the project strategic and investment importance.

  • The Kadikoy area is important for investment because of its strategic location near the Bosphorus Bridge and the presence of the most famous tourist attractions in it. Therefore, it is a destination for tourists, which makes the investment of apartments in it successful.

  • The Uskudar area, for example, is beautiful and rich in ancient archaeological and historical sites, making it full of tourists all the time to become a good place for investment.

  • The Asian side is rich in picturesque and charming nature, which makes it a haven for those interested in relaxation, comfort, and entertainment

  • We should not forget that social, economic and political security are important factors in encouraging investment.

Prices of apartments in Istanbul, the Asian side

In the ads for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, you find a lot of options, which are generally cheaper than the European side. Of course, there are price differences depending on the region, neighborhood, specifications, and the degree of luxury that the apartment has, and here we present some criteria that affect the price of the apartment.


The price of the apartment will certainly increase if it is located in a tourist area full of services and facilities of all kinds.


Many people prefer an apartment overlooking the sea, even if it is more expensive. The price also affects how close it is to tourist or archaeological places or to the main transportation places.


It is obvious that the size of the apartment affects its price in addition to the number of rooms in it.

Dressing and servicing

The price of a luxury apartment with luxurious facilities differs from others, and the presence of services such as air conditioning and an elevator increases its price.


It can be considered that the greatest impact on the price of the apartment is the location and location. For example, apartments near the Bosphorus may start at a price of $800 per square meter and may reach $1,000. 


In the Uskudar area, which is an area close to the Bosphorus and is considered one of the high-end and luxurious areas, the price of an apartment with an area of 100 square meters ranges between $100,000 - $150,000 approximately, and the price variation affects its proximity or distance from the sea.


In other places, such as the areas near the Sea of ​​Marmara, the price per square meter may reach about $400, and the price of an apartment of 100 square meters ranges between $35,000 - $90,000.

And certainly, there are apartments at a lower price, especially in the presence of areas far from the sea covered by green spaces and far from service facilities and places of entertainment and others. 


The process of searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side, maybe a bit arduous, but we at Fanar Realty help you to shorten a lot of effort and wasted time until you reach your optimal choice and request