Searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus is an inspiring idea for investment, and for lovers of luxury and a happy life, and it is the best destination for foreign business investments in Turkey.

Where can I find apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus
You can get this option in many areas overlooking the Bosphorus on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.
From the European side, for example:
From the side of Istanbul, Asia, for example:
Features of Bosphorus View Apartments
Apartments with a sea view of the Bosphorus are very distinctive, as they have:
1. The distinctive look
2. The abundance of modern residential complexes served with the best ideal services
3. Proximity to the best transportation links in Istanbul
4. The presence of many commercial malls, universities, hospitals and various vital and recreational facilities
5. The investment importance due to the significant rise in the profitability of real estate investment in these areas
6. The areas overlooking the Bosphorus are considered one of the best centers of trade and work in Istanbul, and are of great interest to foreign investors who always head to the central and vital areas for investment.

What do you know about the Bosphorus?
The strait separates Istanbul into two "Asian and European" parts, and thus separates the Asian and European continents, and is considered an important trade corridor in the world, and it has a special tourist importance in Istanbul
The view of this gorge from your apartment while hearing the sounds of seagulls is one of the most beautiful and charming natural scenes for which many pay huge amounts of money to get it.