Why are you thinking of looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul? If you want to settle in Istanbul and you are looking for cheap apartments for sale in it, your options are many and you can find your request, and this does not mean that you are in remote or unorganized places, as Istanbul is famous as the most popular, beautiful and diverse region in Turkey.

Why are you looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul

Many foreigners and Arabs want to settle in Istanbul, as it has all the factors of safety, beauty, and stability. At the beginning of the life journey in Turkey, we can prefer looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul for several reasons, including:

  • limited budget It is the most influential reason for the purchase decision, as the properties that enjoy luxury and charming views are high-cost, which makes the price of the apartment unaffordable for those with limited budgets.

  • The desire to invest, the option to invest in an apartment is often the best option for those looking to earn profits instead of working, and the search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul is a good option to start an investment project.

  • Temporary residence If you want to stay for a short period in Istanbul for the purpose of work or a desire to explore, you will prefer to choose a cheap apartment that will save you the rest of the costs of your trip.

  • Move away from nature. If you are a nature lover or want to calm down from the noise of the city, you will find your choice in rural areas or overlooking the green spaces in them, and here you will find many options for cheap apartments.

  • Medical reasons It is well known about Turkey's medical tourism as well as our advanced health services, so it is possible that the reason for the stay is medical, so you prefer to choose a cheap apartment to save medical costs.

Advantages of cheap Istanbul apartments

 If you choose cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, this means that you have chosen them in proportion to your circumstances and capabilities, in line with the best areas that contain cheap apartments, and this carries with it some advantages, including:

  • Most of the cheap apartments are located in rural areas that are characterized by calm factors of relaxation and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • The cheap apartment does not have to be in popular places. Your choice may be a small apartment whose price matches your needs. Small apartments have their advantages in terms of comfort, warmth, and organization.

  • Owning a cheap or small apartment at a reasonable price keeps you from falling into burdensome rent payments or the high cost of hotels.

  • Spending your money on a cheap apartment in Istanbul helps you save and save your money on other more important matters such as health and education.

  • Cheap apartment options for sale in Istanbul are good for investment where you can buy a cheap apartment and benefit from renting it to tourists or residents at a good price.

Cons of cheap apartments in Istanbul

Owning a cheap apartment has its pros and cons. Despite the advantages of cheap apartments from an economic point of view, they have long-term negatives, including: 

  • When you buy a small apartment, you may fall victim to old buildings that need a lot of repair and repair, in addition to any service problems that may appear After living for a while.

  • Most of the cheap apartments are far from the main centers such as shopping centers, universities, and hospitals, which makes you have to use many means of transportation to reach your place of work or study.

  • If you have a family and children, you should think about choosing neighborhoods and schools that help in forming a good culture to contribute to a better future for them, and here the cheap apartments may be in unsuitable neighborhoods.

  • Most of the cheap apartments lack a proper view, in addition to being far from the tourist and entertainment places, which you have to take into account before buying.

  • If you choose a small apartment in a privileged area, it will most likely be a very small apartment that does not accommodate a large family, so you should also put that in your account.

Where can I find the cheapest apartments in Istanbul

Istanbul is divided into two parts, Asian and European, separated by the Bosphorus Strait, and the two parts are considered desirable for housing.


Silivri is located near the Marmara Sea, about 70 km from the center of Istanbul. It is also one of the rural areas that include the cheapest apartments for sale with reasonable services and secured with all the infrastructure, which is still in a process of continuous improvement.


This municipality is located on the European side of Istanbul, about 45 km from its airport, and overlooks Lake Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece. Therefore, it is considered a strategic and vital location, in addition to providing all services, infrastructure, and dozens of shopping centers, while at the same time enjoying the availability of cheap apartments.


Which is about forty kilometers from the center of Istanbul and is located north of the Sea of ​​Marmara. This area is characterized by arrangement and organization with beautiful green spaces in addition to the real estate boom and the availability of cheap apartments. Also, this area is known for its services, complexes, and rapid transportation system.


This charming area in the Asian section of Istanbul, which is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul, in which everything you can think of, is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara and is an important port from which to access the Princess Islands. Real estate has a good investment rate with many residential buildings and cheap apartments with good specifications.

In general, the Asian part of Istanbul is the most area in the state in which you find offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul due to the nature of the rural area to a large extent, and its difference from European Istanbul, which is the city of work, life, and activity.


Cheap apartments in Istanbul

And now we have come to the center of the conversation in the search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, which is the prices of apartments in them, which preoccupies the minds of everyone who wants to settle or invest in Istanbul, and let's start by discovering the cheapest areas: 

  •  In the Esenyurt area

  •  You can find an apartment of 100 square meters at a price of 23 thousand dollars, while the average price of the apartment is between 25 to 50 thousand dollars, and it is possible to find apartments at a lower or higher price.

  • In the Beylikdüzü area

  • The price per square meter ranges between 300 to 600 dollars on average, depending on the neighborhood you choose.

  • In the Kartal area

  • The price per square meter ranges from approximately 350 to 800 dollars, as we should not forget that Kartal is a strategically located tourist area.

  • In the Silivri area

  • The price per square meter may range between approximately $200 to $500, so it is one of the most targeted areas to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. 


The above prices are approximate prices, and we should not forget that cheap apartments have their advantages and meet the needs of many who want quick stability. Regardless of the price and location of the apartment you have chosen, you are still within Istanbul, a dream of many tourists, hikers, and explorers, so enjoy your stay in it.

We have given you a comprehensive report on apartments for sale in Istanbul so that you can identify the advantages of this type of apartment and make the right choice for it.