Those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul close to the center tend to choose this geographical location for many reasons and advantages that Istanbul city center enjoys, which we will look at in this article.

Reasons to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul close to the center
The motive for owning real estate near the central areas of Istanbul is:
1. The high investment value of these areas
2. It provides an interconnected network of modern transportation, especially fast ones, such as the metro, metrobus and tramway
3. Proximity to financial and business centers
4. Availability of many universities, hospitals, recreational and service places
5. The most important government centers and necessary institutions are concentrated in these areas
6. The tourism and vitality of the area
The best areas in the center of Istanbul
The best central areas or close to the center of Istanbul are:
1. Conqueror
2. Sisli
3. Ortakoy
4. Borno olives
These areas are considered the node of transportation, services and investments in the state of Istanbul, and represent the first destination for those thinking of settling in the center of this city.
Real estate suitable for investment in the center of Istanbul
City centers in general are considered to have real estate privacy and this applies to Istanbul of course, and you can invest in the city center and the nearby areas in the following properties:
1. Residential apartments, both furnished and unfurnished
2. Tourist and hotel apartments
3. Offices
4. Shops and shops
5. The idea of ​​buying villas in the center of Istanbul is not good unless the area is close to the sea