Searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side, is a distinguished investment option, because this area is one of the most important investment areas in Turkey, where huge government projects are concentrated and there are the best apartments and complexes, and we will show you the best options to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side, It is one of the most distinguished areas on the European side of Istanbul, Sultanahmet area, and Taksim Square, and the most important landmarks of the European part are the nearby Sultanahmet area: Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and others.

How do I search for apartments for sale in Istanbul's European side?

The budget for buying the desired apartment for housing or investment must be determined while avoiding buying this type of housing loan with interest as much as possible, as self-sales are difficult to implement and it is recommended not to focus only on the famous areas of the city when buying apartments in European Istanbul, where it is also possible to go to Areas far from the center, but suitable for investment, such as Beylikdüzü and others. The following is a statement of the most important areas on the European side that are suitable for housing and real estate investment:

Taksim area

It is the center of the European section of Istanbul and is famous for its large square, which is known in Europe and not only in Turkey. The most important tourist streets in the city, Taksim apartments are very expensive and only the well-to-do or those who come for tourism go to this area. Therefore, apartments in the Taksim area are suitable as a good tourist option. The area is also famous for its high-end hotels and delicious restaurants,

In general, Taksim is one of the most vibrant and active neighborhoods in the European section around the clock

Sariyer area

It is the nobility area, and the first choice for businessmen, wealthy people, and famous personalities. It is considered one of the most expensive areas to live in Turkey, not only in Istanbul. Sariyer receives great government attention, especially the "Maslak" area, and it is one of the attractive areas and has distinctive options of villas and luxury apartments. In general, most of the beautiful palaces that you see in the famous Turkish series are in the Sariyer area on the European side of Istanbul

Basaksehir area

It is considered one of the largest neighborhoods in the European section. It is characterized by a variety of services and offers wide options for housing. It is suitable for average people. It also includes a large part of the Arab community, especially Yemenis and Libyans. The Turkish government is implementing a set of reforms and developments within Basaksehir that helped attract people to live in it and turned it into one of the most important destinations for real estate investment, especially after the opening of the Medical City in Basaksehir. The area has a large number of high-end residential complexes, and it is relatively cheaper if we compare it to Taksim and Sariyer, but in general, the apartments are not cheap.

Esenyurt area

It is considered one of the popular areas in European Istanbul, and if you came to it 10 years ago, you probably wouldn't want to talk about living in it, but today it is the most area witnessing the purchase of apartments in Istanbul, due to the rapid development that the area witnessed and benefiting from its proximity to the Metrobus line and the E5 highway line In addition to the metro station under construction

Another area of ​​European Istanbul

When thinking about buying apartments for sale in European Istanbul, you can not only stop at the options of the previous areas, but you have many other areas, including:

  • Buyukchekmece

  • Kucukcekmece

  • Fatih

  • Zeytunborno

  • Beylikduzu

  • Bagcilar

  • Eyup

  • Kagithane

  • Sisli

Where to choose my apartment in European Istanbul

While you are searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side, think that your apartment should be close to at least four of the following options:

  • A seashore

  • Metro station

  • Metrobus station

  • A university

  • One of the malls

  • One of the well-known hospitals

  • One of the big projects

  • The main square in the area


Advantages of investing in European Istanbul

The purchase of apartments in Istanbul, the European side, in particular, has a special character because of the city's strategic location and the services available in it in abundance, so after the most important areas in which you can find apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side, have been explained,

It is worth mentioning that it has become the option to buy real estate in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, and it is one of the first options that investors or those wishing to buy real estate are looking for in Turkey, for the following reasons:

  • The Turkish government is increasingly interested in developing infrastructure projects and building many residential projects and apartments suitable for investment in Istanbul.

  • The continuous development of the transportation network, the opening of dozens of metro stations, the new Istanbul Third Airport, and the Istanbul Canal

  • The increasing offers by the Turkish government and Turkish contracting companies offers all the appropriate options for investors' demand as apartments for sale in installments and investment apartments

  • In the recent period, the names of many areas have enjoyed great popularity among investors and those interested in the Turkish real estate market, and the area of ​​modern real estate projects has spread over a large area on the European side of Istanbul, as the areas in which investment can be expanded will provide great benefits to the Turkish economy on the one hand and the investor on the one hand. other.

  • The prices of European Istanbul apartments are competitive and the monthly returns from renting are high, and this is what makes the investor more eager to own in them

  • The increasing number of intermediary real estate companies that have facilitated ownership for foreign and Arab investors in particular, and there is no doubt that we in Fanar Realty, as one of the most important real estate companies in Istanbul, provide investors with all possible services and advice, and we go with them step by step until they achieve their dream of buying an apartment in Istanbul, whether On the European or Asian side


Are there cheap apartments for sale in European Istanbul?

 Istanbul is an attractive magnet for real estate investment and a tourist destination in the region, and many foreign investors and tourists are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul for different purposes such as tourism, housing, and investment, and the decision to buy cheap apartments in Istanbul for investment purposes is the right decision as follows:

  • Istanbul is a city with a strategic location connecting Europe and the Middle East, where you can find great opportunities to buy apartments from many local and foreign property developers.

  • Your current budget does not prevent you from buying an apartment that suits your needs, and today you can search for an apartment in Istanbul at a cheap price and pay according to various payment and financing options.

  • The fixed prices in Istanbul are lower than those in the region, and the investor can earn a relatively risk-free high income by investing in the cheapest apartments for sale in European Istanbul

  •  Turkish contracting companies have built a large number of large urban projects of all levels and desires to meet the needs of all investors and real estate owners and allow them to be sold under construction at very competitive prices

  • The Turkish government is working to provide various amenities and tax exemptions in the real estate sector and encourage new real estate projects in proportion to the steady increase in housing, noting that Istanbul hosts millions of tourists every year.

In this article, we discuss the advantages of apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side, where the Turkish government and real estate companies in the private sector are looking to play a leading role in promoting real estate investment by providing special offers and facilities for owning wonderful apartments in Turkey and promoting new real estate projects that reflect this for all social segments. and investment.