One of the ways to invest is to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul with hotel services, and this type of investment is very profitable, although it requires higher capital than normal cases of real estate investment, but its profits are also much higher.

Features of apartments for sale in Istanbul with hotel services
Istanbul is a tourist city and there are many tourist delegations throughout the year, so when you decide to go to hotel apartments, you are definitely thinking of the right direction for investment.

Tourists want to live in apartments with hotel services for the following reasons:

The apartments are equipped with the necessary furniture, internet, electricity, water and gas services
The tourist does not need to conclude and document rental contracts, he just stays at the hotel and rents an apartment or hotel room and stays there for the duration of his tourism
Some hotel complexes or hotels in general in Istanbul provide advantages that all apartments and hotel rooms benefit from, such as the Turkish bath, gym, swimming pool, playground and green spaces, in addition to the meeting room
Hotels also provide food services
Modern hotels have automatic room control system, central heating and cooling systems
The electrical appliances available in these apartments are of well-known international and local brands of very high quality and efficiency.
Which is the best place to buy hotel apartments?
You should think about areas with a large tourist presence, and where the movement of visitors is active throughout the year, such as:

Sultan Ahmed