Advantages of owning real estate in installments in Istanbul

Many are inclined to the idea of ​​getting an apartment in installments in Istanbul for an opportunity to provide the property at a good price, and to pay it in convenient payments, which achieves the possibility of ownership with the ability to pay the monthly installments at the appropriate times.

Owning in installments allows you to make the decision to buy your apartment as soon as you have the first payment in your hands, which usually ranges between 30 to 50% of the property price, and then pay the installments according to an agreed period between the buyer and seller.

Fanar Realty provides many ideal opportunities through which you can get your favorite apartment at a good price and comfortable installments, and fulfill your dream of owning in Istanbul.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul in installments

In order to buy an apartment in installments in Istanbul, you must have the full down payment value, as well as have the financial ability to pay the remaining installments on time, and owning in installments is one of the most important ways to finance the purchase of an apartment in Istanbul and shorten the time and effort until the full price of the apartment is provided. You can pay a large part of the installments of the apartment by investing it.