Why would you look for apartments for sale in installments in Istanbul? In fact, Istanbul is the city of dreams for many, and anyone who dreams of living in it will not hesitate to buy an apartment, even if it is in installments. We are here in front of a city with a tourist and historical reputation, and to buy in installments its advantages and disadvantages is that it is a quick solution through which many obstacles can be overcome.

Benefits of owning apartments in installments in Istanbul

Owning an apartment in Istanbul is an attractive idea, especially if it is in one of its high-end tourist neighborhoods or you choose a house with a charming view, but choosing to buy an apartment in installments does not necessarily mean that you cannot buy it in cash, but you may find many benefits in that, including:

  • Saving

When you buy an apartment in installments, you will have to make small payments over a number of months, which helps you save expenses or store the excess of what you have to spend on other needs.

  • A solution to the housing problem in case your budget is insufficient

Even if you do not have enough money, you can buy the apartment of your dreams, but this will result in financial commitments for a long time. If you are dreaming of an expensive apartment, a modern complex, or a charming view, then buying in installments is a quick solution.

  • Quick investment

In the event that you want to buy an apartment in order to invest, but you do not have enough money for that, then buying in installments is a solution for that where you can buy an apartment and then start investing from it.

  • The ability to buy several apartments at once

If you want it and the amount you own is not enough, you can buy these apartments in installments so that you can make payments in stages later. It is known that everyone wants to register in the apartments of the residential units, which are usually built in stages and are paid for in installments during their construction, so it is the choice of most of those who can wait until they get the apartment.

Should I buy an apartment in Istanbul in cash or in installments?

Of course, buying with cash is considered when thinking about apartments for sale in installments in Istanbul, because buying with cash is more affordable and safer and offers financial independence while saving time and completing identification papers, but it can be said that there are some reasons for which it is possible to prefer buying in installments, especially financial ones. 

One of the problems that we find in buying an apartment in installments is the benefits that are added to the price of the apartment annually, about 9 percent of the price of the apartment, which constitutes an additional financial burden in addition to the problem of not transferring the ownership of the property to the buyer completely until the last installment is paid. 

On the other hand, buying in installments provides you with a home without having to pay a large amount in cash, but it is sufficient to pay part of the value of the apartment and then provide monthly installments over many years, and this saves you the time you need to secure the entire value of the apartment. 

The decision to buy a property in installments or in cash is a decision that is up to you and depends on your circumstances, especially the financial ones, with the extent of the urgency of buying an apartment and many, and each of them has its negatives and positives.

Apartment options in installments

There are interesting installment options in Istanbul, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful apartment in installments, here are some options.

  • Smart apartments

They are homes in which modern technologies are used, that is, they rely on technology completely, such as controlling lighting, water, and everything in the house electronically, so they have a strong infrastructure and are usually within complexes.

  • Residential complexes

Usually, a private or governmental real estate company undertakes to build a residential complex, in which the registration of apartments is announced in installments since the beginning of the project, and the installments are paid during its implementation.

  • Duplex apartments

Duplexes are usually large and luxurious apartments with a beautiful view, and you can find many of them for sale in installments, which is an option worth buying if you are thinking of buying in installments. Offers suitable for Turkish citizenship: There are some complexes that contain large and luxurious smart apartments at a price commensurate with the laws of obtaining Turkish citizenship and include the option of selling in installments.

How to pay apartment installments in installments

  1. Apartments for sale in installments can be found in Istanbul through real estate companies or the real estate office, and the purchase process can be completed through approved legal papers, even for foreigners, where an official contract is organized. This contract includes the value of the apartment and the period during which the payment will be made, with determining the mechanism for paying the installments and their value. These checks may be private or governmental, and some companies may not allow the buyer to sell the property until the installments are paid in full in order to guarantee their rights and some companies do not mind This is in the event that the owner agrees to do so through a new contract with his presence.

  2. It is also possible to buy an apartment by applying for a bank loan, where the bank becomes like a broker who offers you the ownership of the apartment, meaning that the bank owns it, but with its mortgage, and here the bank becomes the one you go to pay the installments so that the apartment becomes your property after completing the payment of the installments.

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment in installments? 

Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship through apartments by investing in an amount starting from 250 thousand dollars without selling for 3 years, then it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship, as the Turkish passport ranks 22 Internationally. 

It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing an apartment in installments, provided that the buyer has paid the last installments due from the value of the property, and thus the ownership is completely transferred to the buyer to be able to request citizenship, and of course, it must match the terms of the purchase in cash, which is the value of The property is $250,000 and promised to be sold within 3 years, thus not being able to sell the apartment until the installments are paid.

Buying in installments is a door that provides solutions to many of the problems that you may face as a foreigner who would like to settle in a charming city such as Istanbul. It also helps to speed up the acquisition of housing, especially if you are in Istanbul for the purpose of work, so you can settle within a short period and at reasonable costs.

Apartments for sale in installments in Istanbul from Fanar

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