Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul near the shopping malls is a great option for those who want to settle, especially that the malls provide distinguished services for shopping and entertainment that suit the requirements of families residing near them.

Advantages of apartments for sale in Istanbul near shopping malls
This type of apartment has many advantages, the most important of which are:

Proximity to places designated for shopping and entertainment, where all the family's requirements are provided in one place, and those close to the malls are saved from the trouble of shopping in traditional markets
Take advantage of the high investment value of the area in general, as the value of areas where shopping malls are available increases, especially if they are of tourist importance
These apartments also benefit from transportation, as the commercial malls are always near the transportation lines
Benefiting from the great government interest in the areas near the malls
The most famous shopping mall in Istanbul
Istanbul has a large list of malls, the most famous of which are:

Jawaher Mall
Mall of Istanbul
Forum Istanbul
Istanbul malls are not just for shopping
Istanbul malls, in general, are distinguished by their transcendence of the commercial role to be suitable places for rest and entertainment, and they have many distinctive services that help you spend the most enjoyable times in the mall, where you find:

Cinema and theater halls
Children's play areas
Restaurants and cafes
A mosque and a place for ablution
protection and security
Lots of various entertainment services