The idea of ​​obtaining apartments for sale in Istanbul near the metro is very distinctive for several reasons beyond the idea of ​​fast transportation and getting rid of spending long times in regular transportation, because the places near the metro lines are characterized by being investment areas, especially for real estate.
Advantages of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the motor
The apartments near metro stations are:
1. Proximity to rapid transportation, especially metro lines, saves a lot of effort and time while navigating within Istanbul
2. The metro is a more convenient means of transportation than other means, as it is close to it
3. The areas near the metro, in general, have a high investment value and maintain high profit returns from investing in real estate
Metro lines in Istanbul
The metro in Istanbul is a fast transport line, most of it underground in the form of tunnels that connect between metro stations
There are many metro lines in Istanbul, the most important of which are:
1. M1 - Yenikapi to "former" Ataturk Airport and vice versa
2. M2 - Yeni Kabi to Haji Osman and vice versa
3. M3 - Basaksehir to the Olympics and back
4. M4 - Kadikoy to Tavshan Tabeh and back
5. M5 Uskudar to Çekmeköy and back
6. M6 Levent to Bosphorus University and back
7. M7 Mecidiyeköy to Mahmoud Bey and vice versa
8. The Marmaray Line, which connects the European and Asian parts of Istanbul and passes under the water.
There are also other metro lines under construction that are being implemented in the city and give a distinctive investment value to the nearby properties