Have you thought about looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul near the metrobus, it is a smart idea for those who want to invest in real estate in the vital areas of Istanbul, where high value and quality

Advantages of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the metrobus
The proximity to the Metrobus gives exceptional advantages to the properties located in the nearby areas, such as:

Easy to navigate and take advantage of speed in reaching the most important areas in Istanbul
Proximity to the E5 motorway
Most of the areas near the metrobus are classified as vital areas and receive great government attention
The investment value of many areas in Istanbul has increased after the establishment of the Metrobus, especially the Esenyurt area, which has become one of the most popular areas for real estate for sale over the past years.
The Metrobus facilitates access to a large number of universities in Istanbul, as well as the well-known major malls in the city
What is the metrobus line?
It is an internal transport line in Istanbul that extends from Beylikdüzü in European Istanbul to Soguluçme in Asian Istanbul

The Metrobus is a very large bus, which runs within a road designated only for Metrobus buses, which makes movement in it much faster than other transportation.

The most important areas that the metrobus passes through
Among the most famous areas where metrobus stations are located:

The metrobus also passes over the Bosphorus and reaches several stations within the Asian section of Istanbul

It is expected that the Metrobus line will be extended to include other areas of the city on both sides.