Are you looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul near the marina? You must have heard about the blue sea views, and the residential and investment advantages for residents near the Marina Bahriya, especially on the European side of Istanbul.

Where can I find apartments for sale in Istanbul near the marina
In general, the largest marine marina in Istanbul is in Beylikdüzü, and most of the complexes near the Marmara beach in that area are considered close to the marina, and the benefits required from housing near the sea are achieved.

What is a marina?
The marina is a pier or a marina for small and medium cruise ships as well as for yachts, but it differs from the port in that it does not receive cargo ships.
It is a place for tourism and enjoying the beauty of nature and the sea, not for shipping and trade.

Benefits of housing and investment next to the marina
When you live in an area close to Istanbul Marina, you are on a date with many benefits:
Beautiful sea view
The areas near the marina are areas of great government interest
Real estate in Istanbul near the Marina of the Marmara Sea is considered a very high investment value
You can find villas for sale in this area with attractive specifications
The area is considered an investment, especially as it is on a date with the opening of a very large investment project (the marine taxi), which will jump real estate prices in that area significantly within a short period.
Proximity to important commercial malls, especially those that provide entertainment and water games

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