Do you want to own apartments for sale in Istanbul near the tramway? It is a distinctive idea to settle in the vital areas through which the tram line passes, and in general it passes through the central areas of Istanbul.

Benefits of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the tramway

There are many benefits that you can reap from owning in this area such as: Get a property with a high investment value Living in central, quiet areas that receive government attention Proximity to business and trade centers in Istanbul Proximity to universities, markets and well-known commercial malls The presence of high-end residential complexes in this area These areas are suitable for investment in various types of real estate ownership, such as residential, commercial and hotel properties as well because of the tourism importance of the areas near the tramway.

What is a tram?

Tramway or tramway is a line of Turkish transportation in Istanbul, which is in the form of an independent train that passes through several streets in the city and intersects with regular transportation routes. The most important types of tramway are: T1 T2 T3 What are the most famous areas through which the tramway passes? Tramway lines in Istanbul pass from several central and vital areas, the most important of which are those that T1 passes through, the most important of which are: Sultan Ahmed Beyazid Aminonu X-ray Yusuf Pasha Contact Al Fanar Real Estate for ideal opportunities to live near the tramway and get unique investment benefits.