Are you thinking of owning apartments for sale in Istanbul near the New Istanbul Canal? This idea is ideal for those looking for unique investment opportunities in the real estate world, as the new canal will constitute a real revolution in the Istanbul real estate market, and having apartments for you in that area is a promising investment idea.

The importance of apartments for sale in Istanbul near the new Istanbul Canal
The world-famous real estate rule says: Look where people are going, and buy real estate there.
This rule fully applies to those wishing to benefit from the new canal in Istanbul and its positive impact on real estate prices and the quality of real estate investment in the areas near the canal.
The importance of the new aqueduct is that it:
1. Establishes a new city in the form of a peninsula inside Istanbul with thousands of new real estate options
2. Increase the value of real estate in the areas through which the canal passes
3. It is an extension of the urban transformation chain that Turkey is undertaking to improve the quality of real estate and its advantages on Turkish lands in general
4. The new Istanbul Canal will create a real urban revolution based on competition between major construction companies, which will give investors and real estate buyers an opportunity to obtain distinctive real estate prices.
Istanbul Canal Project of the Century
The canal project in Istanbul is considered the project of the century for Turkey, and it will solve many obstacles to maritime transport through the Bosphorus Strait, to become an auxiliary trade corridor, saving time on commercial ships.