Many people are thinking of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul with large areas, not only for the purpose of housing, but even in order to obtain better investment advantages, and a higher profit return.

Features of apartments for sale in Istanbul with large areas
There are many advantages that make apartments with large areas more preferable for certain categories of real estate buyers, and they are explained in the following:
1. Most Arab families have a large number of "six people or more", so spacious apartments are a distinct and suitable option for them.
2. Spacious apartments make more use of the total area of ​​the house
3. When the apartment is spacious, it means that the balconies are also spacious, which makes the opportunity to get a beautiful view greater than in the case of small apartments
4. Some models of spacious apartments are available in the form of "two-storey" duplexes, which gives more aesthetic and independence to family members inside their apartment
5. Spacious apartments usually have more than one bathroom and more than one balcony, and in very spacious apartments, there may be more than one hall
6. From an investment point of view, large areas are considered to have a higher investment return, regardless of the method of real estate investment in them, whether through regular leasing or furnished leasing, or selling after a period of time, or investing in real estate under construction, all of which in total, the profits of large apartments are higher than Small apartment profits.
Types of spacious apartments
The spacious apartments' spaces start from about 125 square meters, and include the following types:
1. Three rooms and a hall
2. Four rooms and a hall
3. Four rooms and two halls
4. Five rooms and a hall
5. Five rooms and two halls