The search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, Taksim Square, is inspiring for owners of large and distinguished investment projects, because of Taksim Square's wide fame and unique tourism and vitality, it is the most famous square in Turkey.

Are you thinking of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim Square
If you're already thinking about it, you should remember the following:
1. We are talking about a vital area with an exceptional situation in the whole of Turkey, so you must make sure that the budget allocated for investment in real estate division is a relatively expensive budget compared to the rest of the areas of Istanbul
2. In addition to its centrality, the region enjoys a touristic importance, as the movement in this field almost does not stop around the clock
3. The area is well served by transportation
4. Near Taksim Square, the finest hotels and commercial malls
What do you know about Taksim Square?
This square has a historical and modern link in the lives of Turks and even foreign residents. Historically, it is linked to Istiklal Street, which represents the main corridor of the Turkish Liberation Army when they entered Istanbul in the War of Independence.
In terms of modernity, it is now the most famous square in the region and one of the most attractive for tourists, and it has one of the city's most important markets. Without exaggeration, a visitor to Istanbul is not free for a tourist without going through Taksim.
Aparthotels in Taksim
The best investment near Taksim Square is investing in hotels, hotel apartments, or furnished tourist apartments, because foreign and tourist influx to the area does not stop all year round.