Why are we talking about apartment prices in Turkey? Prices are the most important element when talking about apartments and real estate properties in general. There is no value for you to talk about your desire to own an apartment in Turkey without looking at the data on the prices of Turkey apartments, 

so we will help you in this article to access the latest important data regarding apartment prices in the Republic of Turkey and we are always ready to provide you with the most important real estate information when contacting us

Prices of apartments in Turkey by cities

 We can detail this issue by dividing the cities into groups according to the high prices and profits from owning apartments in Turkey:

  • Cities with high housing prices in Turkey

Looking at the annual rates, the states and cities with the highest housing value in Turkey as of the end of August 2021 were Adana, Adiyaman Afyonkarahisar, and Agur Amasya respectively in addition to the major vital cities such as Istanbul and Antalya 

  • The most profitable cities in Turkey 

Considering the consumption periods, as of At the end of August 2021, the provinces with the fastest returns in Turkey were Yalova, Karabuk, Kilis, Osmaniye, and Duzce respectively. 

  • Cities with recent profits in apartment prices in Turkey 

In addition to major cities and the Turkish capital, there are other states that can be considered with great profits from investing in apartments, such as Adana, Adiyaman, Afyon, Amasya .. and certainly in the forefront Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and Sakarya

Factors affecting the prices of apartments in Turkey 2021.

  • Real estate prices in Turkey have increased dramatically since the issuance of the foreign ownership law in Turkey in 2012, and most nationalities can own real estate and apartments in Turkey.

  • It is expected that the prices of apartments in Turkey will increase during the next five years based on the new legislation from 60 to 90%

  • Under the 2012 law, the Turkish government approved more flexible modern legislation, opening the door for nationals from 129 different countries to enter the Turkish real estate market.

  • Encouraging real estate and investment laws have been approved that reflect positively on apartment prices and achieve a joint and sustainable development interest for both sides, Turkey and the investor who is looking for new opportunities in a stable country.

  • The Turkish government and real estate companies in the private sector play a leading role in order to encourage investment in Turkey, and provide special offers and facilities to own apartments in Turkey, and encourage new projects, which is reflected positively on the prices of ownership apartments in Turkey, and there are various payment methods and there are also convenient installment options, With the aim of making the prices of apartments in Turkey accessible to all budgets for all social and investment classes.

Prices of apartments in Turkey compared to European countries

Arab investors are usually attracted to Turkey with the cheapest apartment prices compared to other Arab countries, for example, Istanbul, the capital of Turkey and the largest city in the world. You can buy a small apartment for at least 100,000 dollars in an excellent tourist location and an investment value of more than 140,000 dollars

Real estate prices in Turkey average less than 50 to 60% of real estate prices in Eastern Europe and 80 to 90% of the price in Western Europe. 

In addition, Turkey provides its investors with real estate opportunities at the best prices compared to countries overlooking the Mediterranean, and commercial returns reach 5.4 % and are among the highest regions.

Prices of studio apartments in Turkey

Studio apartments are small apartments in terms of their area, where one or two people can live in a lot, and these apartments are the cheapest apartments than others, and also their rent prices are low compared to others.

The apartment is divided into a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The area of ​​the apartment is small. 

  • The studio apartments are used for individual housing for students studying at universities far from their states. The studio apartments give them comfort and independence. 

  • Also used for offices for entrepreneurs who do not have enough income to be able to open their own offices or large companies

  • The photo studio is used for young influencers who need a small space to broadcast their shows on Facebook or YouTube

The average price of an apartment of this type is estimated between 40 to 60 thousand dollars

Advantages of studio apartments in Turkey

  • Safety and calm

  • Independence and a large area of ​​freedom of disposal in the apartment

  • Saving Money

Prices of one-room and hall apartments in Turkey

The prices of apartments in Turkey, apartments with a room and a hall consist of an American kitchen that is mostly open to the hall and is mostly in large cities. 

These apartments are preferred by students or small families who do not have children. One of the advantages of these apartments is that their prices are somewhat appropriate compared to the prices of large apartments. 

The average is estimated The average price for an apartment of this type is between 70-90 thousand dollars

Prices of two-bedroom and hall apartments in Turkey

It is one of the most sought-after apartments in Turkish cities because it is practical and suitable for small families. It consists of an American kitchen that opens to the hall, one bathroom, and some have two bathrooms and a separate kitchen, which is preferred by investors because of the increased demand for it. 

The average price of an apartment of this type is estimated between 90 to 120 thousand dollars

Prices of three-bedroom and hall apartments in Turkey

The prices of apartments in Turkey, This type of apartment is preferred by large families for living, it consists of two bathrooms and there is a closed kitchen or open to the hall

This type of apartment is not preferred by investors because it is not easy to dispose of. 

The average price of an apartment of this type is estimated at 120 thousand dollars and above.

Prices of duplex apartments in Turkey

Prices of apartments in Turkey, duplex apartments consist of two floors and are widely spread in Turkey. This type of apartment is preferred by owners of large families because it gives more privacy to individuals in single bedrooms. The average price of an apartment of this type is estimated at 160 thousand dollars and above

Apartment prices in major states

Recently, the prices of apartments in Turkey have witnessed a noticeable increase in contrast to the prices of demand for apartments. The price increase during the month of June of 2021 in each of the cities of Yalova, Mugla, and Sakarya amounted to approximately 30%. Yalova is one of the cities neighboring the city of Istanbul, and real estate prices are high significantly. It is very suitable for real estate investment and tourism. It is considered special and distinctive for those who love staying in villas located on the mountains overlooking the sea. 

This led to Yalova and Mugla being the Turkish states, where the rate of increase in the prices of apartments during that period amounted to 8.2%, and the state of Mugla ranked second after Yalova. The prices of its apartments were estimated at 7.9%, 

while the state of Sakarya ranked third, and the rate of increase in the prices of its apartments was 7.3%.


Of course, in this article, we are talking away from Istanbul, but the state of Istanbul always maintains the lead in the field of apartment prices in Turkey, as it is the most expensive state for housing, but with an emphasis that it is a vital tourist city with all the advantages of a safe life, work and comfort, and it is the most desirable state by foreigners.


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