21 questions about property ownership in Turkey

21 questions about property ownership in Turkey

In the context of the real estate information provided by Fanar Realty to you, today we review the most important 21 questions revolving around the subject of real estate ownership in Turkey, in order for the reader to be familiar with the subject of real estate ownership, and to obtain the largest number of answers to the questions of those looking for real estate for sale in Turkey.

1. Why would you like to own a property in Turkey?

Do you want to own real estate in Turkey for housing and stability, or to invest in it, or do you need the property only to obtain legal benefits such as real estate residence or Turkish citizenship? When you have the real, accurate answer to this question, you can experience real estate ownership with comfort and peace

2. Where will you buy your property in Turkey?

Based on your first answer, you must choose the state in which you should buy the property in Turkey, and even in the state itself, you must choose the most suitable neighborhoods for you, and specify the address that suits you as well.

In general, most Arabs and foreigners in Turkey prefer to live in the following states:

  • Istanbul

  • Antalya

  • Ankara

  • Market

  • Yalova

  • Skarya

  • Trabzon

The best for real estate investment are Istanbul and Antalya.

3. What are the real estate prices in Turkey?

Due to the vastness of the total area of Turkey and the multiplicity of its states, it is possible to find suitable prices for all options, but in general, in the states desired by foreigners in Turkey, the average price per square meter ranges between 4000 to 9000 Turkish liras per meter.

4. When do I buy a property in Turkey?

All times are appropriate to buy a property in Turkey, and whenever you want to buy a property, you will find many real estate offers in front of you, and if you want to invest, you must wait for the most appropriate opportunity.

In general, in periods when there is a lot of demand for real estate in Turkey, prices increase, but in periods when there is less demand for owning property in Turkey, real estate prices maintain a very slow growth

In Turkey, the most active time for real estate search is the months: September / October / November, while the search decreases significantly in the winter.

5. Do you want to buy in cash or in installments?

After you know the real estate prices, and the right time to buy, you must start thinking about the method of payment, will you pay in cash or in installments?

In the event that you choose to purchase in installments, you must ensure that you are able to pay the monthly installments in full, without the need to borrow or face a crisis due to the failure to provide the payment on the date of payment.

6. What are the methods of real estate financing?

If you do not have a financial budget that is sufficient to purchase the property for cash directly, you can resort to real estate financing methods, which are represented in the following ways:

  • Buying real estate with one or more partners

  • Obtaining a mortgage from a bank in Turkey

  • Purchase in installments directly from the construction company with long-term installment plans

7. Which is better, ready-made or under-construction property?

One of the successful investment methods is to buy a property under construction in Turkey, where the prices are before the completion of the construction of the property, and obtain a profit margin ranging from approximately 20 to 30% once the house is ready for housing. Of course, this option is suitable for those who want to invest in the property, or do not want to live in Urgent, for those who want to live directly, it is better for them to buy a ready-made property, of course.

8. Which is better, the new or the old property?

The new house is always better than the old one because the age of the building plays an important role in determining its quality and compliance with safety conditions, but if the construction period of the property is less than 7 years, this does not affect much, and it and the new property are considered close in terms of specifications and advantages. If you want to invest. In the restoration of real estate in Turkey to renovate and rehabilitate it well and make it more suitable for housing, the old property is better for you.

9. What are the features required in your property?

You should focus on the following features within the property you want to buy:

  • space

  • room styles

  • Distribution of rooms and empty spaces in the property

  • The view

  • Ventilation and natural lighting

  • Humidity

  • construction age

  • Safety of walls, floor, ceiling and drawers

  • Electrical, sanitary, and gas installations..etc.

  • Quality doors and windows

  • Quality cabinets and shelves in the kitchen

  • Quality of bathroom, taps, bathtub, etc.

Do not rush while visiting the house to see it, take your time to make sure that all its features and specifications match what you love and dream of.

10. Would you choose a villa or an apartment in Turkey?

Villas are better than apartments in one word.

But it is not necessary to choose a villa in Turkey without actually needing it. For example, for small families, there is no need for them to have a villa, but the apartment is sufficient for them.

Of course, here we are not talking about the financial aspect, because villas are definitely more expensive than apartments, so if you do not have enough budget to buy the villa or you do not have enough funding for that, the apartment is also better.

11. What is the right space for you?

The more family members who will live in the property or apartment, the better space is, for example:

The number of family members The suitable apartment space for them

2 - 4 people 65 - 100 square meters

5 - 7 people 100 - 180 square meters

8 people 180 - 210 square meters

9 and above 210 and above

And the older the family members are, the greater the need for a larger space for them to live with each other, for example, a couple with four young children is enough for an apartment of 150 square meters, but if the family consists of a couple and four adult children (above 18), the area of the property must be from 220 and above

Note: If you want to live in Turkey with your family, space matters to you. But if you want to own a property in Turkey or an apartment only for investment, the best spaces are between 100-200 square meters because they are more desirable.

12. Which styles of rooms are suitable for you?

It follows the types of rooms required primarily for the age of children. If your children are under the age of 12, you can allocate a room for parents and a room for all three, in addition to the hall.

But if they are over 18, a private room is required for each child or two children as a maximum

For newlyweds, only one room and a hall are sufficient for them

For someone who wants to live alone, he can live in a studio or a room and a hall

13. Do you buy in an apartment complex?

If you have the right price for an apartment in a residential complex in Turkey, we advise you to never hesitate

14. What are the main advantages of the property?

The advantages that must be completely suitable for you if you want to own property in Turkey:




15. What are the secondary benefits of the property?

You can pay attention to the other advantages in the property with a lesser degree of attention than your consideration of the main advantages and the most prominent sub-advantages:


having a balcony

The look

Is the house new or not?

Is the house in an apartment complex or not?

These advantages are related to the budget you allocate for the purchase of the property. The more you spend, the more you will be able to get more advantages in the property.

16. What advantages should you avoid in your property?

If you want to live or direct residential investment in a property, you must make sure that it is safe from defective features or that cause people to be reluctant to buy or rent it, the most important of which are:

Humidity and lack of good ventilation

The building should be very old (more than 12 years old)

Cracks on the walls, floor and ceiling

Damage to electrical or sanitary installations

Some of these things you can ask the seller to fix before buying the property, or you get a price reduction because you will do the repair yourself.

17. What are the procedures for real estate ownership in Turkey?

After choosing, you must go to the Land Registry Directorate and install the title deed, and after the title deed is issued, the property will be officially in your name. The legal procedures for real estate ownership in Turkey are easy and convenient, just choose your property correctly and without hurry, and do not care about the rest of the legal details, as they are routine and simple.

18. What are the procedures after owning a property in Turkey?

You must issue an earthquake insurance policy if the property is not insured

Then open the electricity, water and gas meters and extend a net or phone line if you want to

Then you start buying the right furniture, electrical appliances, and everything you need to live in your new home

19. What is real estate residency?

After owning a property in Turkey by foreigners, a short-term residence permit can be obtained in Turkey, which can be renewed annually as long as the property is in your name


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20. How to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate?

If the total value of your real estate in Turkey exceeds the limit of 250 thousand US dollars, you can apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and then you will be obligated not to sell the property for 3 consecutive years, after which you naturally follow the procedures for obtaining citizenship

21. What are Fanar realty services?

You can ask the question in a second form ... What do you need to buy a property in Turkey?

The answer will be all the services, transactions, tours, and consultations you need to be provided by Fanar Realty to guarantee you an ideal experience of owning your property in Turkey with all comfort and reassurance, and with absolute perfection in every sense of the word.

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