Exceptional Turkish Citizenship - Comprehensive Report

Exceptional Turkish nationality

We previously talked about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, its types, and all its requirements,

 and we went into depth about each type in its details, but you may have wondered about the last type of Turkish citizenship with a brief explanation, which is exceptional Turkish citizenship.

Also, the name is 'exceptional' and unique. it belongs to special people, and it is not like the normal type

of citizenship that everyone can easily obtain. so, is exceptional Turkish citizenship so important? And who are the persons entitled to possess it?

 What are the conditions for obtaining it and its advantages?

We have answered all these questions in the following article.

 We wish you enjoyable reading




The difference of the exceptional Turkish citizenship from the rest of the types:

 in speaking about the rest of the types of Turkish citizenship, several conditions had to be acquired to allow granting Turkish citizenship, including conditions that require great financial ability, and some need to marry a Turkish citizen, and several other conditions.

 As for exceptional Turkish citizenship, there are no special conditions or any restrictions therefore this type of Turkish citizenship was of course exceptional.

Who can obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship?

The holder of this citizenship must be unique from others, and his situation will be considered in relation to the following points:

- Educational level

-academic level

-civil registry

criminal record-

years of residence-

-work and profession


Eligible Persons:

-groups of service providers that benefit the people and the Turkish government without any personal interests or a financial return, this category is considered the most fortunate to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship.

 -Turkish universities graduates who raised the name of the country and excelled abroad or received important grants as well

-businessmen who contributed to the improvement and development of the Turkish economy

 -athletes who won international matches those results were topped in favor of the country.

-Artists who became famous in Turkey and attributed all their successes to the Turkish homeland

-Owners of commercial and industrial activities who moved the wheel of production in the country and increased job opportunities.

Technology experts of all kinds, whose innovations have dazzled everyone and shined in their field

-Foreigners who must be granted citizenship

- refugees from abroad and Turkey opened its doors to them

And it is not required that the person have any of the qualifications we mentioned at all. It is enough for the person to be influential in the country and serve it with sincerity and love and give it exceptional services to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship.

How to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship

This citizenship is not obtained in the usual way, of submitting an application, paying the fees, and preparing the required documents. but the application will be submitted directly to the Immigration Department and then sent to the mail of the Ministry of the Interior located in Ankara.

There is a list of the names of candidates for obtaining this type of Turkish citizenship that is proposed by the Ministry of the Interior and the final result is issued Within two months, either with rejection or acceptance by the Turkish government.

Exceptional citizenship Form:

-normally a text message will be sent to the mobile phone number registered in the person's data to inform him that his name is nominated for exceptional Turkish citizenship by the Immigration Directorate and will provide him with a specific date for an initial interview.

-at the Directorate of Immigration on the specified date, the immigration officer will give the applicant a list of the required papers in both Arabic and Turkish, and an appointment for an interview after approximately two weeks.

 the list of required papers includes the following:

-A copy of a valid passport, translated and certified by the notary office

-A copy of the original ID translated and certified by the notary office

-In case of the absence of a passport or personal identity card, a person’s family record must be extracted from the home country, translated, and certified by the notary office

-A copy of the identity of the sponsor of Turkish origin (if any)

  -A copy of the temporary ID

  -A copy of the driving certificate, certified and translated (if any).

-The original family book, translated and certified by the notary office, or documents proving the relationship between family members.

-In case that the marriage happened in Turkey, a copy of the family book is sufficient

-a copy of the graduation document translated and certified by the notary office

a certified and valid document proves the person’s clean criminal record -

-a working prove document clarifying job type, and location if he has a work residence

 -documents containing information About the birth and location of the parents

the title deed or a house rental contract -

 -two personal photos

Stages of applying for exceptional Turkish citizenship:

The application file of citizenship goes through several stages ranging from 7 to 8 stages that change according to the response of the Directorate of Immigration and begin as follows:



 The first stage:

 In which the citizenship application form and the required papers are submitted and checked by the immigration department in the province in which the applicant stays

  The second stage:

The papers will be sent to the Turkish capital, and the research about the applicant begin

The third level:

 The application file will be reviewed by a specialized committee headed by the director of the Naturalization Department and evaluated. If all conditions are met and the initial approval is met, this stage will be completed and the fourth stage begins. If there is a defect in the file, a notification will be sent to the applicant to review the population Department, and a rejection notice will be delivered.

 The fourth stage:

 The application file will be checked and sent to the Security Directorate and several ministries and institutions for examination. If there is a problem in any party, the application will be rejected, and the applicant will receive an explicit letter of rejection. But when there is no objection, the file enters the fifth stage automatically.

The fifth stage:

 In which all papers are completed, collected, and submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for ratification and the issue of a pre-final decision

The Sixth stage:

 It is the stage of making the final decision.

 The Seventh stage:

 The confirmation of granting the citizenship decision follows by sending the application file to the population Department

The Stage Eight:

  a notification will be sent to the applicant to review the population Department to receive the new Turkish identity and complete the procedures

 and then he can modify the education certificate and can get the health insurance and other benefits of exceptional Turkish citizenship holder are enjoyed.

 This was the most important information about exceptional Turkish citizenship and the ways and stages of obtaining it.

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