How to obtain Turkish citizenship

How to obtain Turkish citizenship

How to obtain Turkish citizenship is a matter of great importance because Turkey is considered one of the developed countries around the world and it becomes a preferred destination for a lot of people especially after the recent amendments of the law of citizenship that encouraged foreign investments and allowed earning 

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How to obtain Turkish citizenship – methods 

let us learn about the different methods to earn Turkish citizenship 

obtaining Turkish citizenship Through real estate investment

 If you own a property in Turkey, you can start your business as a citizen and a foreign investor, you will be granted Turkish citizenship without difficulty after acquiring a few requirements.

obtaining Turkish citizenship By establishing a company and hiring Turkish workers 

It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by employing fifty citizens in their company.

Obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property 

  you can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property valued, at least 250 US dollars, or equivalent in Turkish liras. with the commitment not to sell this property till after 3 years from purchase date, under the responsibility of withdrawal the citizenship in case if you breach this commitment and did sell the property.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage with Turkish citizens

 You can also obtain citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen, and your marriage must stand for at least 3 years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through continuous residence

if you have stayed in Turkey legally for five continuance years without leaving the country at any time during that period, and you can submit proof for the ability to support yourself and your dependents, you would be entitled to earn Turkish citizenship.

required Documents to apply for Turkish citizenship

 If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership (buying real estate and apartments in Turkey), you must prepare: 

-the property identification card for the property you purchased.

-the title deed of the property or apartment you purchased.

  -bank transfer receipts of the payments of the purchased property. 

   your signature must be certified by the bank-

 -a translated copy of your passport into Turkish certified from the notary office.

  The facilities provided to obtain Turkish citizenship

 about 4 years ago, the Turkish government declared amendments to the law of granting citizenship for foreigners and suggested multiple methods and procedures grant citizenship, such as: 

 -Reducing the value of the purchased property, when the government announced this step, it saved the buyer nearly three-quarters of the amount that was required before.

 -Reducing the bank deposit value from 3 million dollars to five hundred thousand dollars, without any action of withdrawal of any amount of money during that period.

-Establishing a business or a company and employing 50 Turkish citizens.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by adoption 

Turkish law allows adoption by a court decision, so any Turkish citizen or Turkish family can adopt a foreign child under the age of eighteen and grand him Turkish citizenship through adoption, but only if his presence does not consider a danger or threat to security and public security, as stipulated in Turkish Rulings and Laws No. 5901 pursuant to Article 17 of the Law

Adoption conditions in Turkey

 There are some conditions set by the court in order to grant the citizens the right to adopt, and they are all in the interest of the child, including:

-That the person is in good health, does not suffer from any serious diseases, and is not addicted to alcohol and drugs.

-Submit clean criminal records for all family members.

-A bank account statement showing the financial status of the family and an ownership disclosure statement.

-Submit a family registry record from the civil registry department.

 -providing the document of home address registration.

-The person wishing to adopt must be more than 30 years old or have been married for at least 5 years.

-There must be a difference in age of at least 18 years between the child and the adopter.

-The consent of the child's parents, if any, is required.

-Take care of the child before adoption for at least a year.

-The person wishing to adopt must have at least completed primary education.

If the child can distinguish, he must consent.

-Taking the best interests of the child into consideration above all else.


All these methods show that earning Turkish citizenship has become much easier due to the facilities provided to obtain Turkish citizenship.


The advantages of Turkish citizenship holder

There are many advantages that Turkish citizen holder enjoys: 

 -if you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will be a citizen of one of the most powerful countries in the world in terms of economy and politics.

-if you obtain Turkish citizenship and you wished to own a home, it will be very simple without any complications, you will also get health insurance with it, which will provide you with free treatment for you and your family in government hospitals and their affiliated clinics, and as for private clinics, the treatment will be at a lower price.

-In addition, if you are granted Turkish citizenship, you will be allowed to travel to nearly 80 countries around the world without a visa and nearly seven countries will grant an entry visa through their official website if you are a Turkish citizen.

-Every applicant for Turkish citizenship should not be considered a threat or danger to public safety and national security.

Every Turkish citizen has the right to vote and run to the elections.

-Free public transportation for senior citizens over 65 years old.

-Free education for the children

Personal documents such as clean criminal records are not difficult to extract, and most people keep these documents under request because they will need them for other governmental transactions in their life, not only in this case

 and we should not deny the Turkish government’s favor in simplifying and facilitating the necessary conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship for all people from all over the world these new procedures encouraged investors and businessmen around the world to come and invest in Turkey

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