Choosing a property in Turkey

Choosing a property in Turkey

When talking about real estate ownership in Turkey, some details must stop you while choosing a home, and it is these details that determine whether the property is suitable for you or not?

Of course, here we are not talking about the price of the property, its area, or legal procedures. Some clear details that we talked about in an article: Laws and steps for owning a property in Turkey, but here we are only talking about the details that you can overlook as a buyer or do not pay attention to their importance during your real estate tour.

A real estate tour is the best way to choose a property

Before we talk about choosing a property in Turkey, we want to talk about the best way to choose, which is to visit the property through a real estate tour that you implement yourself if you are buying the property directly on your own, or you take the tour with a team from the real estate company you deal with.

Usually, the real estate tour is to examine the extent to which the information contained in the advertisement of the house for sale matches reality, especially in the following areas:

  • real estate website

  • its area

  • Advantages

  • Services

  • Home Furniture (if furnished)

Therefore, you should use this real estate tour to examine the house in all respects and focus on the smallest details that help you make the right decision in choosing your property in Turkey.

Of course, at Fanar Realty, we always organize real estate tours for our valued customers to inspect the properties they like and so that they can make the right decision and choose between real estate options.

This tour is free and according to a time and spatial plan arranged with the customer, in addition to taking the tour using the latest cars and with facilities speaking Arabic and Turkish to facilitate understanding between the customer and the Turkish construction company, especially if he wants to inquire about many details about the property he wants to buy.

In the next paragraph, we will tell you about the smallest details that you should look at carefully and not lose sight of in order to ensure a good choice of property in Turkey and avoid regret later.

Focus on these details when choosing a property in Turkey

Choosing a property in Turkey is not as easy as you think, and whatever services and advantages are available to you, you must examine yourself a lot of details, which, even if they seem small when you first discuss them, but in the long run you will feel their importance and the importance of focusing on them when choosing your property in Turkey.

Fanar Reality, based on its long experience, has spotted a number of details that need to be carefully focused on when choosing a property in Turkey, which are:

The balcony of the house and the view

The balcony or “balcony” is the outlet for your home, especially in the summer. Whoever buys a house in the winter may not pay attention to the importance of the balcony, but with the onset of summer, he will feel regret because he neglected to think about the issue of the balcony.

The narrow or short balcony of the house will not suit a family consisting of four or more members, because the family will gather on the balcony, one is drinking his coffee and the other is flipping his newspaper, another is eating ice cream and the fourth is playing with his mobile, so a small balcony is not enough for a large family.

Also, if the balcony is too large, if it is disproportionate to the area of ​​the house, it will be at the expense of this area, and you will lose a lot of your home’s space without benefit.

In short: the area of ​​the balcony should be proportional to the area of ​​the house. A large house fits a wide balcony, and a small house fits a narrow balcony.

On another point, the balcony of the house should have a good view. There is no benefit from a balcony that does not overlook a natural landscape such as a lake, beach, or garden... Also, city views are sometimes good if they are free of disturbances.

Therefore, when you choose a property in Turkey, enter the balcony and examine its area and view, as well as if there is more than one balcony in the same house, you must make sure that all the advantages you are looking for are available in all the balconies of the house.

Distribution of rooms inside the house

Some homes may be commercially built, so the building owner does not care about some details that may hinder the buyer’s comfort in his home, so you must make sure of the proper distribution of rooms within your home.

For example, the guest room or hall should be close to the main door of the house to facilitate the entry and exit of guests. If the hall is far from the door of the house, you will notice the inconveniences you face when receiving or bidding farewell to your guests.

Also, the kitchen should be linked to the balcony of the house, and the passage between the rooms should not be too narrow or wide in a way that wastes large areas of your home, and for the children's room, it should be far from the main door of the house.

More attention is paid to the distribution of rooms the larger the house, and attention to this issue in duplex apartments is more than in regular apartments, as well as in the case of villas, you must pay attention to the distribution of rooms, so that each room is in its right place

Humidity, lighting and ventilation

Moisture problems may appear more on the ground floors, basements, as well as in buildings that do not have good lighting or ventilation, so when inspecting the house, you must make sure that it is free of signs of moisture that appear on the walls and surfaces.

But these signs may not appear to you if you want to buy a property in Turkey in the summer or in warm weather, or if the house is new or recently painted... Therefore, you should make sure that the house can be ventilated sufficiently to protect it from moisture and ensure that sunlight enters properly. Normal during daylight hours

Building facade and corridor to your apartment

The facade of the building may be considered one of the things that buyers do not overlook as they enter to inspect the house, but there is no objection to standing a little in front of the building and inspecting its facade sufficiently to see if there are defects or cracks in the facade.

One of the things that may bother you is the narrowness of the construction corridor and the narrowness of the space for drawers, which makes transporting items to your home or heavy electrical appliances “such as a refrigerator” or moving cabinets and beds from difficult things that require effort and the narrow corridor may impose on you fewer options with regard to home furniture It is large and does not fit the corridor.


One of the things that disturb your life is that there are sources of disturbance and unwanted noise near your house, such as the presence of a wedding hall in a building adjacent to the building in which you reside, or the public street next to your house is crowded, as well as you can make sure that there are sound insulation features in the house especially doors and windows, this may relieve you to a large extent from the sources of inconvenience.

The best homes you can find in Istanbul complexes

In order to guarantee yourself to get an apartment with distinctive specifications and have the details that we talked about above, it is better to choose your home in a complex of Istanbul .. because it takes into account these details very much.

The complexes in Istanbul have a modern engineering structure that is resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters, and the residential complexes have great services and advantages that push those looking for comfort and stability to choose them in the first place.

We will not dwell on Istanbul complexes. We previously wrote a detailed article about it under the title: Features and details of housing in residential complexes in Istanbul, you can view it.

Fanar helps you choose your property in Turkey

Fanar takes into account your need for a property that meets your aspirations and achieves the stability you desire, and from this we set out to provide you with the best services to help you choose a property in Turkey that suits your tastes.

Fanar works to provide you with a distinctive real estate tour, and also provides you with real estate advices and consultations, and gives you a golden opportunity to learn about the finest real estate projects in Istanbul, and provides you with legal and procedural services that facilitate the purchase of your property in Turkey.

This article, which we wrote, is only part of our policy based on informing customers of the most important details and tips that benefit them and providing them with useful content with honest and useful information.


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