Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents

Turkish nationality for Palestinians with travel documents

having Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents is considered one of the most desired ambitions and hopes for how citizenship can facilitate many legal-related issues in the country for them.

Turkish citizenship is not granted only to Palestinians, but anyone from any nationality how lives in Turkey has the right to claim Turkish citizenship if he met the criteria and all conditions.

  Turkish residency For Palestinians

, before obtaining Turkish citizenship, Palestinians who have travel documents may need to extract a Turkish residency permit, so that they can legally stay in Turkey until the citizenship status is declared.

 The procedures for obtaining residency are as follows:

1-First, he must go to the government directorate competent to issue a residence permit which is the department for immigration.

2-Then he will have to write an application for a residence permit and submit a Palestinian passport or the travel document.

3-Government officials will review and evaluate your application, and this process takes around 90 days.

4-Then you will be informed of the approval or rejection of your application for the residence permit at your address in Turkey.


Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents

In recent decisions, the Turkish government has offered the right for Palestinians who hold travel documents to obtain Turkish citizenship, to limit the complications that existed before so that they can apply for Turkish citizenship without the need to provide a residence permit, as well as they can own properties and start investing in various fields.

Required Documents for Turkish citizenship in Turkey

The application process of obtaining Turkish citizenship for Palestinians who have travel documents is similar in sequence and processing to other nationalities' applications.

 Where all applicants must the prepare following papers:

1-Turkish citizenship application form.

2-Personal photos. 

3-A copy of the residence permit.

4-A copy of a passport or travel document.

5-Turkish marriage certificate.

6- Ownership evidence for a property if applicable.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

there are a lot of advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship, especially for Palestinians with travel documents. 

Let us list a few of the most important advantages for Turkish citizenship: 

1-TheTurkish republic is considered among the very powerful countries in the world in terms of economy and politics, therefore Turkish citizenship gives strength and pride to its owner.

2-Turkish citizenship also allows you to get your children into free government schools, and the right to apply and work at any of the Turkish institutions.

3-Take the advantage of using the free-of-charge public transportation services for citizens over 65 years old.  

4-One of the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents is that they will be entitled to receive medical treatment in various public hospitals for free.

5-Citizenship facilitates all legal transactions in government institutions and departments, instead of waiting for a long time.

6-After having the Turkish citizenship papers (Identity Card). Palestinian citizen who owns a Turkish ID card will have the right to apply for a Turkish passport, which gives them the opportunity to travel to about 72 countries without a visa.

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Methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship 

There are many cases in which the government in Turkey grants Turkish citizenship to foreigners including Palestinians with travel documents,

let's learn about these cases: 

- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by Marriage: many countries around the world grant nationality by Marriage. where A foreigner can marry a Turkish citizen and after a while may apply for citizenship and will have it easily if met the following conditions:

 1-The main reason for marriage must be love and the desire for stability. 

2-Marriage must be legal and last for a minimum of 3 years.

 3-Review the foreigner's papers and declare that the foreigner is considered not to be a threat to national security

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by Adoption: when a Turkish citizen decides to adopt a foreign minor under the age of 18, this minor has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, but this minor must have no guardian and from those who are allowed to be adopted.

  -Obtaining Turkish citizenship by staying in the country for 5 years:  when staying in Turkey for 5 continuous years with a residence permit and did not leave out of Turkey during these 5 years.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by proof of Turkish origin:

Recently, the Turkish government announced to grant foreigners with Turkish ancestors, the right to claim citizenship, by submitting papers that prove their Turkish origins and roots, including the following procedures:  

1-Submitting a military certificate

2-Searching for your family tree through the Ottoman Archives department.

3-Birth certificate of the Turkish grandfather.

in addition to some other conditions such as the following:

-Purchase a property in Turkey that is valued at 250 million dollars from a Turkish citizen. 

-Establishing a private investment that will benefit Turkey.

-Working legally for 5 continuous years in turkey. 

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Stages of issuing Turkish citizenship

In order for the government to grant Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents or other foreign applicants, there are many stages that the application process goes through, and these stages are as follow:

 1- (Preparing the Turkish citizenship application Form): This stage includes preparing the various documents and papers related to Turkish citizenship requirements, writing an application form, and submitting it to the competent authorities.

 This process usually takes less than a month.

 2- (Sending the application form): This stage includes the transfer of the submitted application to the Turkish General Directorate, and this process would take about a month.

 3- (Initial review of the file): In this stage, all the submitted documents will be checked that all are correct and official. This review process takes about 14 days.

4-(accurate examination of the Turkish citizenship application papers): at this stage, the papers are transferred to the specialists in order to accurately check and evaluate all the details about the applicant, in order to indicate his exact social situation, and usually this process takes some time about two hall years.

5- (Sending the Turkish citizenship application file to the Ministers Council): If the Turkish General Directorate finds that the applicant file does not have any significant problem, the file would be sent to the Ministers Council, and the transferring process may take about a month.

 6-(the result of Turkish citizenship application): The final decision is usually issued by the Prime Minister in a maximum period of two weeks to deliver the result with approval to grant of citizenship, or rejection for some applicants unfortunate.

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