You can find homes for sale in Istanbul is more than one way, with different prices and features, but in general, your choice should be carefully thought out. 

Fanar Realty will accompany you in this detailed report to introduce you to the importance of searching for a home in Istanbul for sale and how to search for it, and a lot of other relevant information with high value for you.

How to search for homes for sale in Istanbul

If you are in Turkey and chose the most famous of its places, which is the charming city of Istanbul to settle, then you need a guide on how to search for homes for sale in Istanbul, as it consists of several areas with varying specifications, and it will be difficult for you if you are a stranger to the place and here we will offer you This guide.

The best state to buy a home in Istanbul

In fact, Istanbul is charming in all its places, regions, and neighborhoods. In general, it is famous for its safety and stability factors, as well as providing all services and factors of luxury and comfort. Therefore, all states are good for buying a house, but here we prefer some states over others.

On the European side of Istanbul

Let's start with the European side of Istanbul, which is known for its luxury homes, and here we have Esenyurt, which is one of the best areas to buy a home, and the value of the real estate has increased recently due to the spread of modern real estate projects in it. For those interested in buying just for investment, neighborhoods such as Basaksehir and Kucukcekmece are among the options optimized for it.

In the Asian side of Istanbul

On the Asian side, we have Kadikoy, which is one of the most popular areas for buying real estate because it is a transportation center and its proximity to the European side, so it is one of the most preferred residential places on the Asian side.

Distinctive vital areas in Istanbul

  • Sisli, which is one of the largest and oldest areas in Istanbul, is also the pioneer in attractive real estate projects and is well served in terms of shopping centers, transportation, hotels, and others, which makes it the most popular in terms of housing and investment.

  • Taksim, which is the heart of Istanbul, is one of the distinctive areas known for its social, cultural, and artistic activities

  •  This area offers you a form of residential renewal, opening up options for you to buy the right home.

  • Beylikdüzü, which is one of the areas that have affordable homes despite its proximity to Ataturk Airport and its markets, universities, and green spaces.

  • Bahcesehir, which is one of the central areas in Istanbul, but its real estate prices are constantly increasing, as it includes luxury apartments, villas, and studios, in addition to its enjoyment of services and proximity to the seaside and resorts.

Advantages of homes in Istanbul

The question that arises is why do we prefer buying a home in Istanbul rather than others. In fact, Istanbul has a reputation and reputation that makes everyone who visits it dreams of living in it, and here to mention what are the advantages of homes in Istanbul.

  • In the beginning, whatever home you buy, you are in a house located in a tourist city that enjoys beauty and luxury, in addition to being close to ancient historical places.

  • Although Istanbul is a tourist city, the value of the houses in it is reasonable and less than other countries, which makes its homes desirable for purchase.

  • It is known that Istanbul homes are characterized by charming views of either a sea view or green spaces and forests.

  • Istanbul contains many modern real estate projects designed according to new methods and advanced technology, so modern homes are distinctive and desirable.

  • We should not forget that homes in Istanbul can be converted into a profitable investment project, as the huge percentage of tourism in it contributes to the success of real estate investment. 

  • In general, the homes in Istanbul are serviced, with everything that can be needed, in addition to the secured services in the areas close to the house, such as markets, transport, hospitals, and universities.

Advantages of investing in Istanbul homes

One of the best places to invest in Istanbul is Sisli, Taksim, and Bakirkoy from the European side, in addition to Kadikoy, Maltepe, and Kartal from the Asian side, and investing in Istanbul houses has many advantages, including:

  • Homes in Istanbul are desirable and housing is always required.

  • Investing in it is definitely profitable, as you are in a tourist city crowded with tourists all year round, which means the success of your real estate investment.

  • The strategic and historical importance of the area makes it desirable for everyone to search for homes for housing and investment.

  • The atmosphere of safety, social friendliness, and economic comfort attract work and make the investment successful.

  • If you have a limited budget, Istanbul is a good place for successful investment due to the availability of cheap homes in it, but at the same time, it is successful in investing.

  • Its proximity to service places and important places such as airports, various means of transportation, universities, hospitals, and others.

Family homes in Istanbul

When laying the foundations for how to search for homes for sale in Istanbul, we must search for who will do the housing. Certainly, the residence of a person or group of tourists participating in the same house is different from the search for a house inhabited by a family. Family homes have their characteristics, including:

  • Sufficient space, as it is not reasonable for a family of five people to live in a home of two rooms or one room, and here the required space for the home increases with the increase in the number of family members.

  • If there are children, we have to look for suitable homes near good schools, with the generally required services near the home.

  • Some family homes have a garden, and this is a desirable and healthy option for family life.

  • Many homes in Istanbul have advanced technology that connects all home services in electronic ways, making the home safer.

  • Most of the homes are designed in a way that maintains good ventilation and sufficient sunlight, which makes the homes healthy.

  • Homes in Istanbul are considered to have low maintenance costs, especially those designed according to modern methods.

  • Affordable homes are available to suit every family's budget.

Home prices in Istanbul

The prices of homes in Istanbul vary and range from one place to another. It is possible to find homes at high prices and it is possible to find cheap houses, but in general, they are distinguished and beautiful houses and worth investing in. Here are some home prices in some areas of Istanbul:

  • Uskudar area, which is an area close to the Bosphorus, and the price per square meter ranges between $1,000 and about $1,500, and that is near or far from the sea.

  • In the Esenyurt area, you can find cheap apartments at a price per square meter, ranging from 300 to 500 dollars, and it can reach up to 1000 dollars, depending on the services available.

  • In Beylikduzu, the price per square meter ranges between 300 to 600 dollars. Near the Sea of ​​Marmara, you will find homes with prices per square meter around 400 dollars and up to 1000 or 1300 dollars, depending on the specifications of the house.

  • Home prices vary depending on several factors such as space, luxury, location and services. Istanbul is characterized by the presence of many luxury homes with charming and distinctive views.

We can delve into the details of how to search for homes for sale in Istanbul, but relying on a real estate company or an approved real estate office is one of the fastest and safest ways to meet your needs according to the conditions, budget, and specifications required, and it is recommended to save effort and time.