When searching for houses for sale in Istanbul, you can get the best offers from Fanar Realty, own your dream house in the finest European neighborhoods of Istanbul, in cash or in installments, and contact us to help you achieve your biggest dream of owning a house in Istanbul, whether in its European or Asian section

Are you looking for houses for sale in Istanbul?

When you are looking for a house for sale in Istanbul, you should think about many important points that are definitely indispensable to address, namely: 

Choosing the right location

The first real estate advice you hear when searching for a property for sale, whether it is a house or land, and whether it is in Istanbul or elsewhere is: Think about the location first, and determining the location includes the correct choice for each of:

  • The part will you live in, European or Asian

  • The municipality or the region, and is this region central, rural, coastal, etc.

  • Proximity to vital, service and recreational facilities, transportation, highways, universities, hospitals, government centers, and institutions

Choosing the right location for your house depends on several important considerations, most notably:

  • Proximity to your workplace

  • Close to the market or malls

  • Proximity to where your children study

  • Proximity to modern transport stations

  • Proximity to the main square in the area where the "Maidan" resides

Study the specifications of the right house for you

Attention to the specifications of the house is an important part of the process of searching for houses for sale in Istanbul, especially if you want to live or invest in real estate. The specifications are summarized in the following points:

  • Area

  • The number of rooms

  • Rooms distribution

  • The view

  • Floor No.

  • Natural lighting and ventilation

  • Exterior design

  • Exterior finishes

  • Kitchen decoration "closed or open"

  • Baths

  • Furniture and its quality, and its suitability if the apartment is furnished 

  • Electrical appliances and their brand and their suitability for work in the event that the tools are sold with the house

  • Does the apartment use central heating?

  • Does the apartment adopt the "smart house" system?

  • Is there an electric elevator in the building or not?

  • Is the apartment in a residential complex or a regular building?

These specifications are mainly considered important when asking about houses for sale in Istanbul because living in a comfortable apartment with specifications that match what you dream or want or suit you with your family for housing, all of this is one of the basics of sound real estate thinking.

Study price and payment methods

It is very important to get acquainted with detailed lists about the prices of houses in Istanbul before embarking on the process of searching for a house for sale and then comparing this price with the amount that you monitor for ownership. You can think of ways to pay and finance your new house ownership plan, and the ways as you know are:

  • Pay in cash

  • Payment in installments

  • Get a mortgage

Some may search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, which range between 70 to 100 thousand US dollars, and may also search for properties for sale suitable for Turkish citizenship at a price of 250 thousand US dollars, and between these two prices, you will find tens of thousands of wide-ranging real estate options.

Deal with the most reliable real estate brokerage company

It is necessary to communicate with a reputable and reliable real estate company, to obtain real estate ownership services, and to carry out the routine and legal procedures necessary to own your new house, and this shortens a lot of effort that you may make as you take the steps of real estate ownership.

Fanar Realty Company, through its reliable services and its management of the ownership process from A to Z and covering all legal costs, has become one of the most important real estate companies that those who want to buy a house in Istanbul are looking for, especially that we provide free real estate consultancy to you to ensure a safe and comfortable ownership experience for you and offer you many services that shorten the way in front of you, remove obstacles and open the doors to your access to the latest offers of houses for sale in Istanbul with ease

Which houses in Istanbul are best for you?

One of the important things when looking for houses for sale in Istanbul, you must choose which houses are best for you? for example:

  • Do you want a house to live in?

Then you will find yourself thinking about the best space for your family, as well as the location closest to your place of work and the schools or universities where your children study

  • Do you want a house for investment?

Here you will definitely think about the house closest to the city center and the most popular areas to rent

  • Do you want a house under construction or ready to move in?

If you want the house to live directly, it is in your interest to think of Ready-made houses, but if you want to own an apartment for investment, the option of real estate under construction becomes better for you

Advantages of living in Istanbul houses

Living in a house in Istanbul gives you many advantages:

  • A vibrant city with an important economic and tourist activity

  • House prices in Istanbul are competitive

  • Istanbul is experiencing a remarkable urban renaissance and development in the field of infrastructure

  • Real estate projects in Istanbul are very many and real estate options are unlimited

  • There are many job opportunities in Istanbul

  • The best Turkish universities are in Istanbul

  • The best shopping malls in Turkey are in Istanbul

  • The city is served by modern transportation in a very strong and interconnected manner

House prices in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is a very big city, so when you search for houses for sale in Istanbul, you will find in front of you many options of prices as follows:

  • Less than 50 thousand US dollars and these prices are not available in the residential complexes, and often in places far from the city center and do not have the convenient services that those coming to Istanbul are looking for, and we at Fanar Company do not offer houses for sale in Istanbul outside the residential complexes, in order to ensure that Provide only investment offers that are classified as a satisfactory experience of real estate ownership

  • Between 50 and 70 thousand US dollars, which are the prices of small apartments in residential complexes far from the city center

  • Between 70 and 150 thousand US dollars for medium-sized apartments outside the city center, and small apartments in tourist areas and in the center of Istanbul

  • More than 150 thousand US dollars for spacious and investment apartments

  • From 200 thousand US dollars and above for villas in Istanbul

Fanar services for buying houses in Istanbul

When searching for houses for sale in Istanbul, you can get special services from Fanar Realty, which are as follows:

  • Real estate tours: Where we take you on a tour of the most important residential complexes that guarantee houses in Istanbul that are suitable for you and your choices

  • Real estate consultancy: where we put in your hands all our experiences to guide you on the right path towards owning real estate and houses in Istanbul safely and without any legal obstacles

  • Completing the ownership procedures: We follow up with you the steps of owning the house firsthand until reaching the moment of receiving the title deed and the key

  • All legal services: Any legal procedure that accompanies you while owning your house, we are definitely with you and we give these services free of charge as a gift from Fanar.

  • Here are the after-sales services: Our services do not stop at the limits of ownership only, but we accompany you until after owning your new house in Istanbul, where we give you all the side services you need after buying the house. 

You can learn more about: Fanar Realty Services