House prices in Istanbul - important details

Turkey has a large area, and it has many states where the best homes for sale and ownership are available, at various prices, from low prices to high prices.

The price of a house in Istanbul is related to each of the following points:

  • Proximity to highways and modern transport stations, especially the metro and metrobus..etc.

  • Proximity to major projects in Istanbul, especially the new canal and the airport

  • Proximity to coastal and tourist areas

  • Complex houses in Istanbul are more expensive than other houses

Buying a house in Istanbul at an affordable price

The price is the most important thing to study when searching for homes for sale in Istanbul, and to know the average house prices in Turkey Istanbul, and you can always contact Fanar Realty and ask your inquiries about updating the prices of the real estate market in Istanbul, and the average house prices in it, in addition to all our services Others that we put in your hands so that you can buy a dream home at an affordable price.