Our talk about offices for sale in Turkey has become important due to the increasing trend of foreign investors and businessmen towards the Turkish market to invest and establish commercial companies in various fields, from different countries around the world, also benefiting from the volume of government facilities provided by Turkey to them. 

In this report, you will find comprehensive information about buying an office in Turkey, including all the necessary tips for choosing the best place to own offices in Turkey, and an overview of the preferred business projects for foreign investors here. 

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Offices for sale in Turkey - things to watch out for

  • When searching for the right office for you or that achieves your investment goal in Turkey, you should know first that Turkey represents one of the most important economic environments in which investors can conduct their commercial and investment activities with all comfort and strength. Therefore, you must purchase an office with specifications that provide you with optimal services to ensure a safe work that helps you to be highly productive, and to ensure that you and your employees reach the pinnacle of success by providing the most comfortable physical environment. Therefore, when browsing the lists of offices for sale in Turkey, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The office you want to buy must fit with the nature of your work, for example, if your business needs calm, you should not choose an office in the city center or in areas that are not quiet, and the best place for you is in the charming nature places where your employees enjoy comfort and creativity and production.

  • The business and activities that require interaction with people, and receiving customers on a daily and intensive basis, should choose an office in a lively and central area, near rapid transportation, so that customers do not find it difficult to reach your office.

  • Always think about the offices that provide the highest levels of comfort and safety for the staff and guests, which are represented by the presence of car parking, high-quality heating and ventilation services, and emergency exits. It is also worth noting that Turkey provides many complexes and towers that are suitable for owning offices and establishing companies, and helps through The many services within it to achieve the highest investment returns.

  • In the event that you do not want to own the office for you personally, you must take into account the previous criteria when searching for offices for sale in Turkey, but within the limits of your financial balance available for ownership.

The best states in Turkey to buy offices

Turkey is a wide country and is characterized by the presence of dozens of states, in the forefront of which are large and vital cities that are suitable for investment and for distinctive vital projects, and Turkish laws in general and applied in all these states have increased the demand of foreign investors to these states to own offices in Turkey and establish various investment and commercial companies. 

The following is a definition of the most important states in which you will find the best office options for sale in Turkey:

Ankara State

It is the Turkish capital, and has a large population density, as it is considered the second-largest densely populated city in Turkey, and it is an important home for the most important major investment projects. 

Ankara is considered one of the first-class industrial cities, and despite the low level of tourism activity, it is suitable for other investment fields such as industry, trade, education, and services. 

Therefore, when you think of establishing an industrial company or opening a commercial or service office in Ankara, you should know that you have chosen a distinguished city that is suitable for this investment and even encourages it as well.

Izmir State

This beautiful coastal city, and a very important archaeological state, not to mention being one of the most populous Turkish cities, it ranks third in this aspect after Istanbul and Ankara.

The popularity of Izmir plays an important role in its attractiveness,

The ease of adapting to life there is also a strong factor for investors in the state, especially foreigners. 

The state is suitable for many investment purposes, but it is primarily good for foreign trade companies because of its location on the Aegean Sea, as well as for tourism companies, organizing tourist parties, and entertainment projects such as restaurants and cafes.

Antalya State

The capital of tourism in Turkey, and the large high-end city, which is the first destination for thousands of Russian and European tourists annually, and is characterized by being an open tourist resort in every sense of the word. This city is mainly suitable for investment purposes in the tourism and hotel fields, so tourism services offices, hotel reservations, and flight reservations are active in it, and it should be noted that mastering the English language is important to make yourself a large and sustainable group of customers

Bursa State

Bursa is one of the ancient Turkish cities, and at the same time, due to the great government interest, it turned into one of the modern and developed cities in Turkey, especially as it is one of the important tourist destinations in the Republic of Turkey. 

The presence of large numbers of diverse Arab communities in the state plays an important role in the ease of selecting investment ideas, especially service ones, in line with the interests of the Arab communities present in the city. 

Also, the proximity to Istanbul facilitated the work of many commercial companies, especially that the issue of transportation to the two largest states in Turkey, "Istanbul and Ankara", is easy for Bursa. 


You may be surprised that we did not mention the state of Istanbul when we were talking about offices for sale in Turkey, and the matter is simply because one paragraph is not enough to talk about this great vital city, so we dedicated an entire article to it that you can see: 

Offices for sale in Istanbul

How do I invest in an office in Turkey

It is not enough to look for offices for sale in Turkey, but you must think about the best investment for you, which can result in a successful project from your office that you want to invest in, and we will talk about two important aspects in talking about investing in offices within Turkish territory.

Ways to invest offices in Turkey

You have two ways to invest after you search for offices for sale in Turkey and buy the office, which are:

To buy the office and open your own investment through it

To buy the office and rent it to someone who opens his own investment in it

Ideas for investment projects in Turkey

In the following lines, a set of investment ideas that you can use from your office in any Turkish state, and the chances of profit vary according to several considerations related to the office’s location, investment activity, capital and work proficiency, and among these ideas:

  • Import and export company

  • Real estate companies

  • Tourism companies

  • Diverse service companies

  • Exchange companies and money transfers

  • Medical Services Companies

  • Labor Employment Companies

  • Translation companies

Looking for a real estate advisor

In order to be able to reach your request and achieve your dream of owning an office in Turkey, you must use a real estate company that provides consulting services to you.

We at Fanar Realty care very much about this aspect, as we offer you:

  • Ideal offers for offices in Turkey

  • Comprehensive services for the office search and purchase process

  • All necessary legal services for ownership

  • After-sales service

  • All the consultations you need to get an ideal and comfortable ownership experience for you


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