Real estate consultancy

Our role in Fanar Realty is to facilitate this decision for you and help you make the right decision, by understanding your requirements and needs, and providing several consulting services to help meet them. Our advisory services include:

Assisting the client in making successful decisions in real estate transactions.
Analyze the degree of compatibility of the required real estate investment with the investor's desires.
Studying the suitability of real estate for investment and the necessary procedures for establishing investment projects
Providing a study and analysis of the Turkish real estate market
Providing feasibility studies, use studies and financing engineering for the investment decisions of our clients.
Understand the needs of customers and provide appropriate projects for them
Informing clients of the latest Turkish laws and regulatory developments for the most important investment cities in Turkey
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Real Estate Marketing

In our company, we market the largest and most important real estate projects in Istanbul, and our service is characterized by the following advantages:

Filming videos explaining the details of real estate projects with high accuracy and using the latest technologies, with an adequate and sufficient explanation of the most accurate information about the apartments for sale in the project.
Using the latest cameras and modern technologies in montage and design to reach the best presentation through which the viewer can be very close to the property
We have several media platforms on the web (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..) through which we communicate with clients and provide them with the necessary information about our real estate projects.
We pay close attention to customer feedback and utilize both positive feedback and constructive criticism to develop our real estate marketing methods and plans.
We measure the success of our company in real estate marketing by the volume of customer turnout, satisfying them and achieving their interests, and not by the amount of profits we achieve.
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Real estate tours

The reception team at Fanar Realty receives its buying guests from the airport, and then transfers them to a suitable hotel where a room is reserved for the guest in advance.
The team accompanying the guests takes them to tour several real estate projects in coordination with them.Where a pre-program for the tour is developed, and the guest is organized to inform the guest about the apartments that suit his taste
Fanar Realty Company uses the latest luxury cars to receive its guests and for real estate tours and to ensure comfort for them during their travels, with escorts who speak Arabic and Turkish fluently to facilitate communication and translation processes.
When the guest wishes to leave the country, the accompanying team escorts him to the airport, and organizes and coordinates all procedures related to departure.
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Legal Services

Our legal team at Fanar Realty will assist you in organizing the purchase contract, completing the procedures for real estate ownership, and extracting the title deed.

We have special legal services:
Doing all real estate residency procedures for free for those whose real estate prices exceed 100,000 US dollars
Carrying out all procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship for those whose real estate prices exceed 250 thousand US dollars