Istanbul apartments prices

Istanbul is a large state, so real estate is available at various prices. In it, you find cheap apartments, and expensive apartments. The price of an apartment in Istanbul varies from one region to another, for many reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Proximity to transportation

  • Proximity to major projects in Istanbul

  • Proximity to the coast

  • Apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul are more expensive than other apartments because of their ideal services that are not available in regular apartments

  • Tourist apartments are more expensive than regular apartments

  • Smart House apartments are also more valuable than others

  • Spaces also play an important role in the price of apartments in Istanbul, as large apartments are definitely more expensive than small apartments.

Buy an apartment in Istanbul at a good price

The price of the property is the most important point that must be seriously considered and studied before buying an apartment in Istanbul, and to know the average prices of real estate in Istanbul, and you can always contact Fanar Realty to get the latest real estate prices and price bulletins approved in Istanbul.