Turkey's open market for real estate is considered one of the most important European markets in this field, due to the strategic location of the Republic of Turkey, especially as it is the link between the European continent and the countries of the Middle East, in addition to the tourism importance of Turkey, the beauty of its nature, its historical and social depth, which are the most important factors That attracts you towards buying real estate in Turkey, or asking and inquiring about a property for sale here.

Real Estate for Sale in Turkey - Features and Attractions

Paying attention to Turkish real estate is a kind of sound investment thinking, because Turkey offers many opportunities and facilities, which enhances the attraction of buyers and those wishing to own property in Turkey, and the most important advantages in this context:

  • Turkey extends over a very large geographical area that exceeds 783 thousand square kilometers, and has 81 provinces, all of which are available to sell real estate to foreigners. The real estate market in Turkey is a very wide market, and the real estate options are endless.

  • Turkey does not deal with the principle of reciprocity with foreigners with regard to owning real estate, so foreigners from most countries of the world can buy real estate in Turkey, except for only four nationalities, including the Syrian one

  • Real estate for sale in Turkey is not a simple phrase, it includes apartments, hotels, villas, buildable land, farms and fields, commercial offices, shops, warehouses, stores, buildings and all types of real estate in Turkey, all of which are available to foreigners and Arabs in particular.

  • The charming nature of Turkey provides more advantages in addition to the advantages of Turkey real estate. You can find apartments for sale in Turkey overlooking the sea, for example, where in Turkey there are many seas, and its coasts are very long, as well as you can search for apartments for sale in Turkey with a view of forests and green spaces. .

  • Turkey is witnessing a real real estate revolution that includes planning to convert large areas of land into residential complexes, so it is beneficial for investors to buy land in Turkey and then sell it later to construction companies at double prices

  • You also have many opportunities: such as buying an apartment in installments in Turkey, or owning an apartment ready to live in Turkey, or searching for luxury villas for sale in Turkey ... etc. All of these options are always within your reach.

  • Real estate investment in Turkey is very profitable and has proven to be effective, and there is no stronger evidence of this than the great demand for foreigners to own property in Turkey. The average annual ownership limit for foreigners in Turkey exceeds the threshold of 40,000 properties. It reaches the limits of selling one million properties annually.

  • Also, the previous figures indicate that real estate in Turkey is a suitable option for housing and stability.

Real Estate Turkey - Guaranteed Investment

Investors are always looking for a safe environment to invest for a long period of time, so they look for countries that enjoy political, social and economic stability, and this is what distinguishes Turkey perfectly.

Where this country has a suitable ground for investing in its real estate, such as the coastal areas, for example, where it is considered one of the best areas to own real estate in Turkey, especially the states:

  • Istanbul

  • Antalya

  • Trabzon

  • Bursa

  • Sakarya

After you buy a property in Turkey in one of these states or others, wide doors will open in front of you to start your investment activity, whether it is furnished or unfurnished property, short-term tourist rental, or long-term family rental.

But if you want to benefit greatly from the profits of reselling the property in Turkey, you must take a long breath, because investing in real estate and other immovable properties for investors needs a long period of time to obtain guaranteed profitable results.

To enhance the benefit of the profitable returns from buying real estate in Turkey, your beginning must be correct and sound through:

  • Choosing a guaranteed real estate company that provides you with ancillary services for real estate ownership, such as Fanar Realty  Company, which tops the list of the best real estate companies in Turkey

  • Choosing the most appropriate state for residence, work and investment for you

  • Research well for your property

  • Ensure the integrity of the legal procedures for owning real estate in Turkey

Of course, Fanar Realty undertakes the task of bringing you to safety in terms of purchasing the property and follows up with you in detail all the steps and procedures until the completion of the sale process and receipt of the key and title deed.


Real estate in Turkey - incentives from the Turkish government

  • The Turkish government gives a lot of incentives and encouragements to foreign real estate investors, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Facilitating ownership procedures for foreigners in Turkey

  • Treating a foreigner as a Turk in owning real estate in Turkey, with a difference of some simple documents, which do not take much time to extract, and do not cost money.

  • Obligating foreigners to submit a real estate appraisal document to ensure that they do not fall into any fraud or fraud

  • Granting real estate residence to any foreigner who owns real estate in Turkey with his wife and children under the age of 18

  • Granting Turkish citizenship to those who own real estate in Turkey at a price of 250 thousand US dollars, with the wife and children under the age of 18.