Villas for sale in Turkey, which many people search for, because Turkey is known for its beautiful landscapes, and its location is distinct in relation to the coasts, as it is located near the pale Mediterranean Sea, as well as both: the Black Sea coast, the Aegean coast, which is also located near From the coast known as Marmara, so it is one of the best cities around the world to buy villas in, but there are some steps and instructions that the buyer must follow to buy a villa with an affordable price and a great view, and all the details will be mentioned to make it easy during the purchase process.

Villas for sale in Turkey - which state is better

Below is a brief breakdown of the most important areas that you can choose in your search for a villa for sale in Turkey:

Bursa City: 

This city is considered one of the best cities for those looking for villas for sale in Turkey, primarily because of its charming nature, and because of the prices of villas in it, which are rather cheap.

Kocali State:

This state is characterized by its proximity to the city of Istanbul, which is a quiet and clean area, and most foreign businessmen think when buying a villa in Turkey to go directly to this state because of its vital location and government interest in it, and the presence of beautiful green spaces everywhere.


  • Alanya has many advantages, but the most important of them is that it overlooks several beaches with a wonderful view from all sides. It is also characterized by the presence of many commercial places such as restaurants as well as cafes as well as a water park and many places for entertainment. 

  • Also, Alanya has many opportunities to buy any property there, but it has high prices due to its large area and an outstanding view.

Fethiye city:

  • The city of Fethiye is concentrated in an imaginary location, overlooking the coast known as the Turkish Turquoise Coast, and it is one of the most famous cities in Turkey. 

  • It has its own atmosphere and owns the greatest seaport overlooking the coast. A villa in this city can also be purchased at an affordable price of approximately 250 thousand dollars. 

  • The villas in it contain large areas of not less than 700 square meters, besides that they contain a large number of bedrooms as well as living rooms as well.

Beylikduzu district in Istanbul:

The Beylikduzu area overlooks a well-known bay in Turkey known as Buyukcekmece. This area is characterized by many landscapes that attract investors who have a desire to invest through villas.

Uskudar district in Istanbul

  • Owning a villa in the Uskudar area is very difficult because the demand for it is very high and it is a great opportunity for real estate investors. 

  • Uskudar is located in an attractive environment, with many trees and landscapes, and is characterized by its mild weather in summer and winter, because it is concentrated specifically in the European region of Istanbul. 

  • There are many commercial places and markets next to this city, so the villas available in it are of high prices compared to other cities. 

We will not expand much in the explanation about the villas in Istanbul so as not to miss the pleasure of reading our comprehensive article on this topic: Villas for sale in Istanbul


In general, villas are not enjoyable unless they are in quiet areas and close to nature, great parks, or forests, Or the sea coast, so in any Turkish state, once you asked about the natural and attractive areas for tourists, the same place would be appropriate to search for villas for sale.

Steps to follow to buy a villa in Turkey

There are some steps that you must follow during your journey towards owning villas, and you should take care of the details shown in the following paragraphs:

You must specify your goal

  • You must first draw a specific goal and define the goal towards buying the villa, and this step is the most important in all the steps. After that, you can think about how to buy the villa and search for all the villas for sale in Turkey. 

  • In the event that you do not specify your purpose or the desired goal of buying the villa, this will result in several different problems and some difficulties that will be encountered during the purchase process.

Knowing the real estate market in Turkey well

The buyer must be not quick in making his decisions and thinking well about the villa that he will buy, as well as a good survey on the real estate market during the period in which he will buy, and this measure helps a lot in determining the appropriate villa and seeing the purchase requirements from all sides, but there are some things that should focus They are frequently mentioned while monitoring the real estate market, including:

Affordable villas

The buyer must search for the prices of villas in Turkey in general and in many areas in order to reach an appropriate price per square meter and then compare all the prices he reached with each other and through this, he will reach the appropriate price for villas in Turkey.

Suitable areas to buy

It is also important to search for the best places in Turkey in terms of appearance and services available on behalf of that, to choose the appropriate villa. 

Dealing with a reliable real estate engineer or company

  • you should be very careful when dealing with investment companies because most companies are not borderline in dealing.

It does not help you buy a property that matches the specifications you want, so there are many well-known real estate companies, the most famous of which is Fanar Company, which holds great importance in the real estate market. 

  • Fanar Company is making a great effort to satisfy their customers in addition to saving them the effort and making villas available to them according to the desires that were determined by the search for the villa.


Reasons for owning a villa in Turkey

A person may own the price of the villa, but he likes to inquire: Why should I focus on living in villas, and what are the additional advantages that Turkish villas have over others? In these paragraphs, you will find a satisfactory answer:

Searching for luxury:

It is known that all villas anywhere have a very large area and this is one of the best features in the villas, and there are many services near the villas that can be used for entertainment such as: swimming pool, large garden, car garage, large playground..etc...

Tourism investment:

  • There are some people who want to work in the field of investment, so they go to buy a villa in Turkey because of its distinguished location, and then they rent it to other people, and in a large percentage, the tenants are tourists, and this investment is very profitable compared to the rest of the other businesses. 

  • Most of the villas renters consist of large families, not one or two individuals, who resort to renting villas because of their desire to spend an enjoyable time in Turkey and to continue for a while.

Investing in a project:

There are many uses for villas in Turkey, and this is due to the buyer’s desire, but one of the best uses is to exploit the large area of ​​the villa and its distinguished location and invest in a project. There are several projects that can be opened, such as a restaurant, cafes, and others, but the area must be determined first and preferably tourist.