Trump Towers, or what is known as "Trump Tower in Istanbul", is the first tower of a series of global Istanbul towers in Europe, and is classified among the finest commercial, shopping, and residential complexes in Istanbul, and at the level of Turkey as well, and this tower has contributed to giving special touches to shopping in Istanbul, as one of the tourist destinations that attracts thousands of visitors daily, in addition to the investment value gained by the area where Trump Towers is located. In this article, 

we will talk about important points about the Trump Tower in Istanbul, and information that not everyone knows, and some may be surprised by it ... 

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What do you know about Trump Tower in Istanbul?

Trump Towers is one of the most important external branches of the main tower of the same name in New York State, and it is also one of the major achievements of the Trump Organization Company, a contracting and real estate construction company, which began its work in New York and then expanded to reach several continents around the world, and the construction of a tower was Trump in Istanbul is the company's first project in Europe.


Where is the tower located?

Trump Towers is located in Sisli, specifically near the Metrobus station "Mejidiaköy" and is close to the E5 highway, which has earned it a vital location in one of the most prestigious European areas of Istanbul.

The Trump Tower in Istanbul can be reached via this link

and there is a tunnel that connects with the Metrobus station from inside the tower


Its divisions

The Trump Tower in Istanbul is divided into three sections:

  • The 39-story residential tower is for apartments

  • The commercial tower "37 floors" is dedicated to commercial offices

  • The shopping center "5 floors" and includes many international and Turkish brands

And we will talk in more detail about each of these towers or the three centers in the subsequent paragraphs, as it is indicated that in the vicinity of these three centers the same company opened a cultural center bearing the name “Trump”.


About the establishment of Trump Towers

The construction of the Trump Tower project in Istanbul began in 2008 and continued until 2012, in the form of two adjacent high-rise buildings with a shopping center under it, and to be the first Trump Real Estate Group tower in Europe. 

The residential and commercial towers were launched in 2016 amid a large party attended by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ivanka Trump, and many Turkish, American and European official figures and businessmen also attended.


Shopping center opening hours

Trump Shopping Center is open daily 

from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

Note: This timing varies due to the circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus

The residential section of the tower

The residential section of Trump Tower in Istanbul is considered one of the best places for living and housing, due to the distinctive and central location of Sisli, in addition to the special services within the residential complex, the most prominent of these services and advantages:

  • Luxurious amenities and amenities

  • gyms

  • Car garage

  • Spectacular views of the Bosphorus

  • The tower also has great views of the Belgrade Forest

  • library

  • Rooms for relaxation and comfort

  • Places for children and their games

  • Large formal meeting rooms (about 300 square meters) per room

  • Excellent interior finishing of apartments and great exterior engineering design

  • Central air conditioning systems, with independent control for each room

  • Round-the-clock water heating system

  • Advanced firefighting safety system

  • Back-up continuous generators supplied to apartments, recreation areas and corridors

  • Internal phone line for each room

  • Fast internet


The high rise of the residential tower is considered one of the important advantages for obtaining sea views of the Bosphorus, and green views of the Belgrade forests, in addition to the charming view of the center of Istanbul, where the height of the residential tower is about 680 meters, distributed to 39 floors. The styles of rooms in the tower range from The residential apartments range from one room and a hall to three rooms and a hall, and the areas of the apartments range from 121 to 254 square meters.

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The commercial section of the tower

Two floors lower than the residential floor and the offices in this tower have the same sea and forest views as the apartments. Choosing an office in Trump Towers for your company is one of the great options that achieve a great return on your investment, especially since the office is in a very important and famous project in Istanbul Center. 


The proximity to Mecidiyekoy station on the Metrobus line, and Sisli metro station a few meters away, gives the commercial tower importance in terms of ease of access, and this feature is one of the advantages that those who wish to open a company in Istanbul are looking for. The offices in the commercial tower have the following advantages:

  • Various spaces suitable for all commercial needs

  • Private reception hall

  • The commercial tower provides you with a large network of communication with many commercial and tourism projects

  • There are places for business dinners in upscale restaurants inside the tower

  • Distinctive views

  • The comfortable and quiet working atmosphere


Trump Shopping and Commerce Center

It is one of the well-known and very large commercial malls. It consists of five floors and has an auto park that can accommodate about 1,000 cars. It is also equipped with a large number of well-known brands in various fields, as well as restaurants, cafes, cinema halls, an art gallery, a theater, and many recreational facilities.

The most important brands in Trump Mall

There are many well-known brands globally and locally in the Trump Tower Istanbul, the most important of which are: 

Clothing brands







Home Store


Lc Waikiki

Marka Dunyası



Oil Park



Brands of shoes and bags


İnci & Dexter

Children's clothing



Koton Kids

Toyz Shop


Cosmetic products 

Atasun Optik

Emissa Perfumes



Hamdi Bayer Kozmetik


Opmar Optik


Spandrey Masaj


Tattoo Park


Towers Eczane





Media Market


Turk Telekom


Cafes and restaurants in Trump Tower

What distinguishes Trump Tower in Istanbul is the presence of many cafes and restaurants with an excellent reputation, and a good reputation and this adds a distinct flavor to shopping in Trump Tower and taking a rest in one of the restaurants or cafes located there:

Restaurants in Trump Tower

Trump Tower Istanbul has a long list of fine restaurants:



Beylerbeyi Profiterol


Burger King

Caffe Nero Çocuk

Chinese&Sushi Express


Favela Burger&Bistro

Haribo Şeker

HD Doner

HD İskender

Kara Fırın


Köfteci Ramiz

Martı Bistro



Ova Mantı

Pera Muhallebicisi



Saloon Burger


Tavuk Dunyası

Ziyafe Kayseri Mutfağı


Cafes in Trump Tower

Trump Tower Istanbul also includes the following list of cafes:

Al Fakheer

Ara Kahve


Caffe Nero


Kahve Limanı

Kuzine Mutfak

Lavazza Best Coffee Shop


Miso Ramen

MotMot Coffee

Salas Bira Evi

Tarihi Beyazıt Kahvecisi


Services in Trump Tower Istanbul

Trump Tower, especially the shopping center, is interested in entertainment services and facilities that provide the greatest comfort for visitors, and give them important services and assistance in shopping in this huge mall, the most important of which are:

Children's rooms

These rooms are considered private family rooms that provide strollers for children and places designated for their comfort and play, as well as there, are toilets for children.

Medical clinic

Dedicated to dealing with emergency cases, emergencies and first aid

Automated teller machine

In Trump Tower there are ATMs for each of the following Turkish banks:


Garanti Bankası

Halk Bank

ING Bank

İş Bankası

QNB Finansbank

Yapı Kredi


There are lockers dedicated to keeping safes and the things you carry, and you can lock them and carry the key with you until you return and open your locker.

The mosque

It is located on the fourth floor of the mall in Trump Tower Istanbul, and it contains two rooms, one for men and the other for women, with places designated for ablution in both sections.


Who owns the Trump Tower in Istanbul?

The construction of Trump Tower in Istanbul was agreed upon in 2008 by three partners:

  • Turkish businessman Aydin Dogan

  • Tash Yapi Turkish Construction and Real Estate Contracting Company

  • Trump Organizing Corporation "Parent Company of New York"

But due to financial problems experienced by the Turkish company "Tash Yapi" withdrew in 2009, and the work on constructing the tower was delayed until securing the alternative "Dogan Turkish Group", which resumed construction in 2012, then the official opening of the entire towers in 2016 and the question remains On everyone's mind:

Does Donald Trump own real estate in Istanbul?

In fact, the real estate ownership of the towers is owned by the Turkish contractor "Aydin Dogan" and his construction group, which acquired all the powers of ownership and development for this project, as for Donald Trump and his well-known company in New York, it is a partner in the name of the license only, in return for an annual financial return according to the contract concluded with "Dogan". Trump does not own any real estate in Istanbul or Turkey, and Trump Towers is his only investment in Turkey and by name and licensing only, i.e., “brand ownership.”

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