The Torun Tower in Istanbul appears as one of the famous landmarks in the "Mejidiaköy" area in the middle of a commercial and investment area adjacent to the famous Metrobus line. In this article, we will talk about this amazing tower, in terms of its location, design, services provided in it, and some other advantages and details that require those interested Learn about Istanbul Torun Tower.

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General information about Torun Tower in Istanbul

It is one of the well-known towers in Turkey and not only in Istanbul. It is distinguished by its residential and office apartments, in addition to being strategically located in a vital area. Here are some general details about the Torun Istanbul Tower:


Where is Torun Tower located?

The tower is located in Mecidiyekoy, one of the strategic areas for business and commerce in Istanbul, and it belongs to the lively Sisli district, close to Metrobus Mecidiyekoy and Sisli metro station, with an amazing view of the Bosphorus.


How to get to Torun Istanbul

  • Torun Tower can be reached at the following address:

  • Fulya Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cad. Akıncı Bayırı Sokak No:74, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul

  • The address can also be found via Google Maps, by clicking here

  • Also, the proximity of the tower to the Metrobus Mecidiyekoy station, and the Sisli metro station, is very easy to reach from most of the vital and tourist areas in Istanbul


Torun Tower Sections

Torun Center consists of three high-rise towers, including two residential towers, and a commercial office tower. The total area of ​​Torun Istanbul is about 241,000 square meters, and the tower has a large yard with some services such as parking, restaurant, and green spaces, and we will talk about the services of the tower more broadly in the next paragraph.


Istanbul Torun Tower Services

Torun Center offers its residents, or those who own offices and commercial and investment events, a lot of convenient services that add an atmosphere of safety and luxury to residents and guests in this distinctive tower, and these services include:

Security and protection, and official guarding around the clock

  • High quality and modern CCTV and CCTV surveillance system

  • Electronic and secure entry system

  • Cleaning services and maintaining the brilliance of the tower throughout official working hours in the office towers.

  • Cinema

  • Open and closed swimming pools

  • Gym

  • Sauna room

  • Cafes and restaurants

  • Electric lifts

  • An electric generator is used in emergency cases when there is a power outage

  • Electronic system

  • Parking

  • Green spaces

  • pedestrian paths

  • Lounge and waiting room at the entrance to the tower

  • Central heating and cooling systems

  • There is a terrace at the end of the tower for relaxation

  • Children's room

  • Dedicated seating areas inside and in the courtyard of the tower


Accommodation in Torun Istanbul

If you want to live in Torun Tower or invest in the apartments there, we must first tell you that you have chosen one of the best places for residential luxury, high investment value, closeness to the city center, and the fastest means of transportation in it, in addition to many internal advantages of Torun Center apartments.

  • One residential tower in Torun Istanbul consists of 42 floors

  • The areas of the apartments range from 100 to 425 square meters

  • The apartment types also range from one room and a hall to four rooms and a hall.

  • There are also penthouse-style apartments suitable for large families

  • Smart home system

  • central air conditioning system

  • Central heating

  • Sound and heat insulation system

  • Kitchen equipped with all necessary necessities

  • Views of the Bosphorus, and other views of the city

  • And let's not forget the most important characteristic, which is that the building is earthquake-resistant.

  • The prices of apartments in this tower start from 274,000 USD, meaning that one apartment or one office in Torun Istanbul is enough to nominate you for Turkish citizenship.


Commercial offices in Torun Center

The office tower consists of 36 floors, in which the offices there have large areas and distinctive views, in addition to cleaning services, electronic lock systems, glass doors, electric elevators, and safe emergency exits. 


The presence of a company or office inside a distinguished tower of this luxury is one of the most important Its success factors, especially that commercial projects and companies must be located in strategic places, and have a privileged location, to be known and easily accessible.


The previous services mentioned in the previous paragraph “Accommodation in the Torun Tower” benefit the offices in this tower, especially the air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the smart service of the offices, and the advanced insulation systems.

Of course, one of the useful things is that the tower is licensed for services related to offices, trade, and investment, which makes work from inside it guaranteed, in addition to obtaining security approval for foreign ownership in it.


Investment advantages in Torun Tower 

There is no doubt that when the investor is looking for a real estate option for investment, he will choose the most beneficial and profitable, at the level of monthly profits, or the expected profits due to the vitality of the area in which the property is located, and here we emphasize several investment advantages found in Torun Tower Istanbul, which is:

  • Attractive, lively, and touristic central location

  • Close to transportation and highways

  • Developed infrastructure, and provides many service and recreational facilities

  • Proximity to the Bosphorus and a view of it

  • Proximity to several important commercial centers

  • The Sisli region in general and Majidiyekoy, in particular, is considered an important center for business and investment activities, with dozens of major investment projects in the region.

  • Distinctive and ideal services inside the tower for apartments and offices

  • The good reputation of the Torun Tower in Istanbul

  • Real estate prices in Sisli increased in just one year by 3.2%

  • Monthly rent values ​​in the same area also increased at about the same rate

  • The average life of the capital for Torun Tower properties is about 18 years, which is a high rate in relation to the high investment value of the area.

  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment in Torun Tower in Istanbul


You can learn more about the advantages of the area around the tower by reading our article: Learn about the advantages of real estate in Sisli Istanbul


The special places near Torun Tower

Torun Tower Istanbul is surrounded by a group of vital, service, and entertainment places and centers, which give a special distinction to the geographical location of the tower, in addition to the fact that the entire area is one of the vital and central areas in European Istanbul. Among the most important centers and distinctive places located near the Torun Tower in Istanbul:

Jawaher Mall

It is a huge commercial mall known for its advantages and good reputation, and its visit is one of the most important points of any political trip in Istanbul.


Trump Tower

It is also one of the very important commercial and shopping towers in Istanbul, and it has multiple entertainment and service advantages.

  • Sisli Tax Department

It is located behind the tower and is only a few minutes walk away

  • There are also two hospitals near the tower, one of which is university hospital and more than 7 hotels can be reached on foot near Torun Istanbul

  • In the ocean, there are also many brands, distinctive shopping centers, and luxury restaurants and cafes.

  • Also close to the Torun Tower in Istanbul are several tourist and archaeological places such as Sisli Mosque, the Military Museum in Istanbul, the Ataturk Museum, and other wonderful places.


The tower's social media

It is possible to contact information offices or specialized staff to respond to communications through the following methods

  • Phone: 0212 267 47 47

  • Fax: 0212 267 45 45

  • Email:

You can also visit the Torun Tower Istanbul website on the spider web:



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