Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul was opened in 2000, to become one of the largest comprehensive entertainment centers in Istanbul, as it is located in the European section in the "Zaytinburnu" area, and includes more than 140 shops where various Turkish and international brands are sold, all in addition to To many restaurants that serve the most delicious and delicious Turkish food, there are also cafes, supermarkets and cinemas, and of course not forgetting the areas designated for games where there is a game center, a bowling alley and a wall for climbing lovers. Everything you want to know about the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul you will find in this article, Read on. 


Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul


Olivium Mall Istanbul is one of the best Istanbul outlets that every visitor or tourist who goes to Istanbul must definitely visit. Here are some information that you learn about the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul:

  1. It was opened in April 2000 to become a large and distinctive commercial and entertainment mall that includes many shops and various entertainment facilities. 

  2. It was built on a large area of ​​about 45 thousand km.

  3. It contains restaurants, shops, cafes, cinemas, various entertainment centers for games, and a large car park that can accommodate 1,000 cars. 

  4. And the number of stores it contains is 118 stores that include the finest international and Turkish brands at discounted prices that are not found anywhere else. 

  5. From time to time the mall always offers real discounts and discounts ranging between 40% - 60%.

  6. Mall working hours start from 10 am - 10 pm.

  7. Title: Gökalp, Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cd. No: 39, 34020 Zeytinburnu / Istanbul

  8. Address and location:

Guzelyurt Mahallesi, Mevlana Cd. 33A, 34515 Esenyurt/Istanbul



The best activities in the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul


Certainly the mall is one of the wonderful entertainment places that include many activities that anyone needs. You can now shop, entertain, dine and play in one place and spend the most beautiful times with your family, and perhaps one of the best malls that you can visit in Istanbul Mall Olivium Outlet, and in the following points we will show you The most important activities that you can do in the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul:

  1. In the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul, you can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in which you will find everything you need from the latest fashionable clothes that satisfy all tastes and suit all ages, such as: (Celvin Klein, Diesel, Tiffany, Levis, Twin, Zara, Damat, La Coast, Chicco, Mavi), as well as shoes, perfumes, children's toys, etc. It is worth noting that the Olivium Outlet Mall stores serve special discounts on Tuesdays of every week. 

  2. Jewelery shops with the finest designs with high taste that you will not find anywhere else such as (Atsai, Emera Gold, Roberto). 

  3. While shopping inside the mall, if you feel hungry, you can take a rest inside the mall’s distinctive and Iraqi restaurants, which serve the most delicious Turkish cuisine and the famous European and Asian cuisine, such as (McDonald’s, Sign City, Lyra Fresca, Pizza Hut, Kentucky, Waffle, Gasker Land, Burger King Sarai, Technosa, Armagan)

  4. After that, you can go to the games area for your children and family to enjoy fun times inside the mall, as well as a bowling alley for adventure lovers. 

  5. There are also a lot of cafes that serve all kinds of hot as well as cold drinks and ice cream. You can't have your favorite drink while shopping and shifting in the mall. 

  6. If you want to buy food products and commodities, you will find all your home needs of food and vegetables in the supermarket in the mall. 

  7. As for the wonderful evening during vacations and holidays, you can spend it in the cinema in the mall to watch the most beautiful shows of Turkish and international films, where the mall has about 6 cinemas. 

  8. What is unique about the mall is that there is the Istanbul Panorama Museum near it, which you can visit after your tour of the mall to learn about the history of Istanbul. 


 How to get to the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul


If you do not know the way to reach the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul, you can learn about the different ways that you can choose the closest to you to reach the Olivium Mall through the following methods: 

  1. Through the Aksaray metro station, and through it, you can go down to Zeytinburnu station, then go to the mall directly. 

  2. Or by taking the suburban train from Sirkeci station and then getting off also at Zeytinburnu station or Kazlıçeşme station. 

  3. You can also test one of the following buses to go to the Olivium Mall:

  • From Eminonu bus number 93.

  •  Bus No. 93C from Beyazit. 

  • From the division of bus No. 93T (then walk for 4 minutes after getting off the bus). 

  •  From Majid Koy area, bus No. 93. 


The most important attractions near the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the cities full of the world's distinctive and great historical cities, but for the Olivium Mall, and since it is in a distinguished geographical location, you will find around it a group of tourist attractions that you can visit when you go to Istanbul, the most important of which are:

  1. Street dresses in Istanbul 

  2. Fawzy Pasha Street 

  3. Panorama 1453 and the Museum of the history of the conquest of Constantinople is wonderful. 


Top hotels near Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul


Certainly, if you are a visitor to Istanbul or a tourist, you will need to stay in a special hotel, especially when it is close to the Olivium Mall, and now here are the best hotels near the Olivium Mall:

Diamond City Hotel Istanbul: 

  1. One of the finest hotels near Olivium Mall, 1.3 km from the mall, about 5 minutes away. 

  2. Excellent service from the staff inside the hotel, all the ways and amenities you need will be found in this hotel in addition to the cleanliness and great attention that you will receive once you enter the hotel. 

Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Atakoy:

  1. This hotel is also one of the very distinctive hotels near the mall, 2.1 km away from it. 

  2. The value you pay in the hotel for the services you will get is very suitable and you will not find it in any other hotel.

  3. Green Park Merter Hotel

  4. Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Zeytinburnu.


Other services provided by the Olivium Outlet Mall in Istanbul


  1. You can make transactions from the ATMs located in the basement and in the food court.

  2. In order for you to enjoy wandering inside the mall and at the same time be assured of your young children, Olivium Mall provides child care rooms on each floor.

  3. The mall also has a small mosque for prayer. 

  4. You can make necessary inquiries about your lost belongings at the mall's information desk.

  5. There is a car wash in the covered parking.

  6. Disabled visitors can get free wheelchairs at the entrances to the malls so they can shop and roam around the mall with ease and comfort.

  7. There is a tailor in the basement of the market to repair clothes. 

  8. You can shine shoes in the basement of the market. 

  9. There is a hairdresser on the parking floor, and there is a dry cleaning service.