Advantages of buying an apartment in Kağıthane, Istanbul

The vital location, high-end advantages, and the obvious improvement in modern transportation services are all of the characteristics of the Kağıthane district in the center of European Istanbul, and it has a strong infrastructure and very important government interest, and among the modern transportations in Kağıthane: the metrobus station in Caglayan, and the M2 and M7 metro lines

There are several foreign and Arab consulates in the area, and it is famous for the presence of several advanced and distinguished hospitals, several health centers, in addition to a number of universities such as: Atlas University and the College of Medicine at Gulf University.

One of the well-known shopping malls in Kagithane is the "Ambassador Tower" in addition to a large number of commercial malls that increase the pleasure of shopping in them.

Apartments for sale in Kağıthane district of Istanbul

Urban transformation plans are among the most distinctive features of the Kagithane district and have contributed to raising the investment value of the area, and have received very important government attention in the past period, which has positively affected many sectors of life and investment in the region.

The idea of ​​investing in Kagithane real estate is a unique idea for investment by foreigners, and the area has many advantages that make it suitable for residence and stability, and certainly for investment as well.