Most sought apartment complexes in Istanbul

Most sought apartment complexes in Istanbul

The apartments of the complexes in Istanbul are no longer one of the means of entertainment for life and the pleasure of living in housing. Rather, it has become a basic and the most sought-after option among the real estate options, hoping for the services provided by the residential complexes, and for several reasons that we will address in this article, along with several important questions .. Why do you have to choose an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul? Where do you find the best housing complexes in this state? With details about prices, as well as the costs of living within the complexes.

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Increasing the search for apartments in Istanbul complexes

Emlak Gate, one of the largest Turkish companies working in the field of construction and construction in Istanbul and several other states, published a report explaining the significant increase in sales offers for apartments within Istanbul complexes, as a result of the great demand for these apartments since the beginning of this year, and their purchase. The company explained that Out of every three people looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul, two of them prefer to live in residential complexes, according to the report issued by the company, indicating that the percentage of the search for real estate and apartments within residential complexes increased by 66% during the first month of 2021, compared to the special statistic In the same month last year. The report also indicated that the general percentage of offers for real estate search was as follows:

Property type search                                                           rate

Apartment in a residential complex                                   49%

Apartment in normal building                                             21%

Detached house                                                                   30%

The report also indicated that most of those looking for apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul range in age from 25 to 40 years, meaning that they are very preferred for families, and this point in particular we will devote a special paragraph to it when we talk about the advantages of apartments in Istanbul complexes.In the same context, the aforementioned report spoke About the options for searching for real estate in residential complexes in Istanbul, in more detail, according to the following:


Apartment type                                                                 as a percentage of the total search

Ground flat                                                                         35%

Apartment with balcony                                                    65%


Type of search                                                                      Ratio

Apartments for sale                                                              66%

Apartments for rent                                                              34%


Type of search                                                                      Ratio

New house "zero"                                                                 56%

Used house                                                                            44% 

From the above, and in terms of numbers and statistics, it is clear how much interest is in buying an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul, and in order to talk more about this issue, it is necessary to address the advantages of these apartments that always push people to search for them.

Advantages of apartments in Istanbul complexes

Apartments in Istanbul within the residential complexes have many advantages, or we can call them the services provided by the management of the residential complex, and often we find the same services in all residential complexes, with exceptions or special services available in specific complexes. One of the most important advantages of complex apartments in Istanbul :

Featured Location

It is based on the establishment of residential complexes, the largest contracting companies with Turkish municipalities, so it chooses the most appropriate location for its residential complexes, in terms of the investment importance of the area, its proximity to infrastructure projects, its ease of access through rapid transportation, as well as its proximity to vital and service facilities in addition to the distinctive location naturally, Either near the coasts or green valleys, or overlooking them, and even in the complexes within the city, the issue of the view is greatly taken into account.

building specification

The buildings of the residential complexes are characterized by being earthquake-resistant, and they use the finest building materials in their construction and take into account the attractive engineering design, the distinctive decorations, in addition to the excellent finishing of the apartment, and the technical and engineering planning of high quality and efficiency. The residential buildings in the complexes are characterized by the advantages of resistance to heat and climatic changes, and soundproofing materials are also used to ensure greater comfort for the residents in these complexes.

Security and protection

One of the ideal services is also to obtain security and protection within the complexes, which is represented in the presence of a special room for guards, with the possibility of calling security when necessary, in addition to the presence of surveillance cameras inside the residential complex and its surroundings, which provides a high rate of safety and reassurance.

Entertainment Services

There are many recreational services in the residential complexes in Istanbul, between playgrounds of various types of sports, for adults and children, in addition to green spaces equipped with pedestrian and bicycle paths, and swimming pools, both closed and open, as well as in the residential complexes there is always a Turkish bath, sauna rooms, restaurants and cafes, And a lot of other entertainment services.

Shopping services

Some high-end and huge residential complexes provide the service of shops within the complex, and these shops usually belong to international or other local brands, so that residents in the complex can enjoy shopping among the largest brands without the trouble of going out to the market, public squares and huge commercial complexes. In short, we can say that life is better. The most luxurious and fun in the residential complexes in Istanbul.

Prices of apartment complexes in Istanbul

The prices of apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul are related to several factors, namely:

  • Residential complex site

  • Services and benefits of the complex

  • The view

  • Space and room styles

  • Is the apartment furnished or not?

In general, the prices of apartments in Istanbul complexes start from 40 to 60 thousand US dollars, and the average price for an apartment of 100 square meters is about 100 to 130 thousand US dollars.

 Note: Many residential complexes allow the purchase of apartments in installments, with easy payments.

The best areas for housing complexes in Istanbul

When you want to choose an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul, you must focus your attention on the location and its features, and by informing us in Al-Fanar Real Estate about the real estate market in Istanbul, we are pleased to list to you the most important areas whose residential complexes are the best in Istanbul:


Beylikdüzü area... Especially the closer we get to the marina

Bahçeşehir area .. amidst nature and charming green spaces

Başakşehir area..a wide vital area that enjoys great investment benefits

Kağıthane district .. in the center of Istanbul, near the tourist areas

Esenyurt, especially the new Esenyurt, being at the crossroads of highways, and an important urban transformation area.

Avcilar area .. due to its proximity to the sea, and is also suitable for family housing to a large extent.

Basin Express area .. which is the new European center of Istanbul, and it is an investment area par excellence


Do you want to buy an apartment in a complex in Istanbul

In general, when you think about buying an apartment in an apartment complex, you should consider the following points:

  • Proximity to transportation, especially express lines, such as Metrobus, tramway, and metro

  • Proximity to infrastructure facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals, and exhibitions

  • Proximity to tourist areas, both natural and archaeological

  • The interior specifications of the residential complex, and the apartment you want to own

  • Services inside the complex

  • the prices

You must also choose the most appropriate real estate company to help you in the procedures for owning an apartment in the residential complex in which you wish to live.

Here we always refer to Fanar realty services, which are considered golden in every sense of the word.

Fanar offers in Istanbul complexes

Fanar Real estate Company provides you with the best special offers, within the finest residential complexes, with great specifications and attractive prices. Here are some of our special offers:

First offer - one bedroom and a hall apartment for sale

Region: Basin Express

Area: 81 square meters

Style: room and lounge

Price: 930.000 TL

The second offer - duplex apartment with garden for sale

Region: Avcilar

Area: 148 m²

Style: Two rooms and a hall

Price: 1.110.000 TL


The third offer - two-bedroom and a hall apartment for sale

Region: Bahçeşehir

Area: 97 square meters

Style: Two rooms and a hall

Price: 848.000 TL

Fourth offer - duplex apartment for sale (Turkish citizenship offer)

Region: Beylikdüzü

Area: 325 square meters

Style: Duplexes (five rooms and a hall)

Price: 1.917.000 TL

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For more offers browse Istanbul properties and contact us to help you choose the most suitable property for you in the best residential complexes in Istanbul


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