Offices for sale in Istanbul

Let us tell you at the beginning of this article that we are going to talk about offices for sale in Istanbul, the city that has become a destination for investors and businessmen from all sides, after the great facilities provided by the Turkish government to those, In order to bring their capital to the Turkish economy, here we will give you tips on the best places to own an office in Istanbul, with some things you should consider before you get it, and other information related to this matter, so read eagerly, my friend.

Things to consider before owning an office in Istanbul:

Keep in mind, during your search for offices for sale in Istanbul, that that place will be the environment in which you practice your profession, so you must have all the services and facilities necessary to find a workplace that helps creativity and focus, to be your step on the path to success, and your team has passion And the desire to perform their duties to the fullest after they find you as their chief, has provided all means, so consider the following points.

  • Look at the nature of the work you do. If it needs calm, choose a place close to nature and green scenes; To rid your crew of noise and negative energy and get the best possible return from them. 

  • In the event that the nature of the activity in which you work requires interaction with people, here you have to choose a location in a vital area within the city, close to the circle of its people’s movements, and easy for them to reach; For the availability of all means of transportation in the surrounding environment.

  • The comfort and security of your crew above all else, you have to ensure that they have car parking, and a central internet system; To help them perform their work, as well as good ventilation and emergency exits; To be safe in the event of danger, they do not have to worry about anything, and they are free to do their work.

Best places to own an office in Istanbul:

The architecture of the current city of Istanbul makes it an architectural masterpiece in every sense of the word, with areas comparable to the largest commercial centers in the world, with its offices and companies, which attract many investors and money owners, to start in the land of Anatolia, bearing in mind that the preferred location for investment in Istanbul and the establishment of commercial centers and companies in the European part of Istanbul, not the Asian, so let us get to know those areas in the next lines.

  1. Levent

Besiktas Municipality, whose club is currently ranked fourth in the Turkish Premier League, is located in a small coastal area with a sparse population, located on the European side of the city, but it is a great option when you are looking for offices for sale in Istanbul; Because its strategic location is a link between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, and its proximity to major main roads in Istanbul, necessarily means that it is suitable for your company's location, and the small number of residents will ensure the calm that your employees need in a work environment that completely helps them focus.

  1. Maslak

If one of your employees finishes his working day to the fullest and wants to enjoy a walk before returning to his home, after a while he will find the fresh sea air in his heart, because the area is very close to the Bosphorus strait separating the Asian and European Istanbul, and it is surrounded by a good road network that makes it Close to vital areas in the city center such as Taksim Square, Maslak, in general, is a great option if your search for offices for sale in Istanbul is in order to establish a tourism company in the chosen office.

  1. Esenyurt

It is the youth area in Istanbul where, according to the statistics issued by the Turkish government, they constitute the majority of its population, which makes it an ideal choice when you are looking for offices for sale in Istanbul, you will find dozens of people seeking to start their career and succeed with you, a beautiful area of ​​nature in the European side of Istanbul close to the Sea of ​​Marmara, and on the way of those coming from their work as they leave Istanbul's new airport towards the city, and we do not forget that the passage of the most important main roads in the city through it gives it double importance, an hour One by car is the interval between it and Taksim Square in the city center.

Those were the best places to look for offices for sale in Istanbul, but you may have a question about whether it is better to buy or rent the office for a specific period of time that you agree with the owner, and the answer to this question depends on the nature of your activity, your ability to do it, your experience in it and the available capital you have and how long do you want to stay on Turkish soil, if your ability and experience are at the peak, buying and establishing a brand bearing your name and using a full crew working under your command on long-term contracts is the best, but if you want to do a market experience or a short-term deal or practice this The type of investment for a specific period of time, resorting to renting or usufruct contracts for a certain period of time is the best, so we cannot give you a definitive answer here, there are many variables governed by the case of each person individually.

Ideas for projects in Istanbul:

You may sometimes have enough capital to search for offices for sale in Istanbul, but you lack the necessary ideas to open a successful project in the office after you have obtained it. Here, you have a solution from two only, either you buy the office and rent it to one of them, to open his business, or give you the idea in the following lines, which may coincide with one of the experiences you have or a trusted person in your surroundings, so you buy the office and share the work with him, so follow along with me, dear reader.

  • Import and export company

Quickly finish your search for offices for sale in Istanbul, and when you find the right office, use it to be an import and export company, and to make its activity in clothes and fabrics, as this is classified as one of the most popular and profitable markets in all of Turkey and not only Istanbul, get yourself a partnership with a clothing supply company and start your business, and fill the Arab markets in particular with the products of your company, as the Arab countries are the preferred market for importing goods coming from Turkey of all kinds, so the matter does not stop with clothes alone.

  • Providing housing

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world, and therefore this large number, whether immigrant or staying for a short period, needs their own housing, and there is no doubt that entering the real estate market is one of the most profitable projects in Turkey, so you can convert your office to a company that provides housing for those in need, and sign several partnerships with other brokers that make you the first choice for those looking for an apartment in Istanbul.

  • Tourism company

Istanbul in itself is a city teeming with beautiful tourist areas, and I have already told you about the large numbers that you visit every year, so your search for offices for sale in Istanbul in order to get your own tourism company will be a project that is guaranteed to succeed before you do it, just use some help with you Experienced people, and work on two axes, the first is to bring trips to Istanbul from outside Turkey, and the second is to activate internal tourism in Turkey to Istanbul, and the project will cover its costs after a short time, and start making profits.